Thursday, February 7, 2008


DELICIOUS , we tried them last night and one cake per person was more than satisfying.

I did go to the gym last night : Well she did it again.. got my target heart rate up to 116.. did that bike thing for 30 minutes YAY ME.. I spoke with a fitness counselor and she has my target heart rate at 105-140 my max is 175 so I did okay last night ...will build nice and slowly..
I was going to go tonight but .. I have so much I want to do at home so I can have the weekend to play a bit... and get things for our upcoming trip too..
The other day I noticed our fridge upstairs was not cooling like it usually does.. Then last night I noticed it was darn warm in the fridge top two shelves.. we have the freezer on the bottom Fridge on top GE PROFILE.. then the one downstairs has been fritzy lately too .. it is fridge on bottom freezer on top..
So I call GE the soonest they can get out for an emergency ( remember my husband is in the food business and we use the downstairs fridges for storage of samples.. ( we have another fridge plus 4 other freezers down stairs..) but the fridges are for his salads and things like that) is FEBRUARY 14th... this is bad... so while I am talking to the GE girl .. she knows it bad and says she has put in a call to the dispa and the phone goes dead... so I call back and GE GUY has no idea but notes that we have two appointment on feb14 I explain situation for the second time... and he has me call GE consumer panel I speak with a lovely lady .. she says they are going to try and get through to dispatch and if I do not hear from them by 1 pm my time to call back.. Steve meanwhile has pulled the fridge out vacuumed behind it , taken the back off the fridge and vacuumed it as well as he could.. maybe it was a blocked something or other who knows.. My solution.. unplug it and plug it back in and see if it works.. ( DO I SPEND TO MUCH TIME WITH COMPUTERS?????) geez.. an EMERGENCY APPOINTMENT TAKES A WEEK>> THAT IS CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!.. but they are trying to be helpful.. oh and we do not even know if the damn things are out of warranty or not.. we can not find the serial numbers on them.. U think they might put it in a easy place for the consumer.. hmmm?? so now we are waiting an in an hour I will call them back... 2 Fridges barely breathing... not a good day in the house of Honi... *UPDATE* just talked with Steve .. and we finally got a home warranty program YAY.. it starts today.. he also got a call from GE the soonest they can get to us is Monday... Steve may call the home warranty folks and get service sooner not sure though...STILL MONDAY???? when our microwave broke they came out the same day and it was fixed (to the tune of 60.00 dollars.. ) sigh...
I need a nap...
Wish me well
Wish you well too..
Oh and for those that asked me.... Cookie is part Australian Shepard and Part chocolate lab.. she loves TV will watch all shows and commercials involving dogs or anything she percieves as a dog... (which sometimes is a hippo or two) and she also loves American Idol.. not so sure why.. but she will sit there as is evidient from yesterdays picture and watch it...


Scale Junkie said...

sorry to hear about your fridge troubles. I can't believe an emergency appointment takes a week, by then the average person with only one fridge would have lost all of their food. At least maybe you can shift some stuff around.

Simone said...

The challenges just keep coming don't they!

Lora said...

Fridge troubles are the worst! We had one break down at our cottage on Memorial Day Weekend! We ended up buying a brand new one. And guess what? Three years later - again - on Memorial Day Weekend(!) this one breaks down too! Luckily it was under warranty. The repairman never showed the day we drove down there to meet him so Sears gave us a brand new one (bigger than the one we had) to pacify us!

Now if you lived where I do - a busted fridge this time of year isn't a concern.. Just move the food to the garage!

Hope you get some help quick!

Grumpy Chair said...

We have a refrigerator in the garage loaded with food in the freezer and diet sodas (for the kids) in the refrigerator part. I always worry about it during the summer when it feels like 150 degrees in the garage.

Hope you get all your refrigerators working sooner than Monday.