Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Well with Valentines day tomorrow.. I started thinking about all the people in my life, even those I do not know personally but probably share more with them than those that know me personally... so I thought we could play a little game I call CURIOUS ( it is pretty similiar to all those other memes out there)

~This all you have to do.. share 20 facts/actualities about yourself pertaining to anything.. let me know if you played so I can learn some 'ACTUALITIES ABOUT YOU ~
So here are mine:

1~ My hair is naturally curly
2~ I have not started coloring it yet.. I kinda like my gray in curious kind of way.
3~ My favorite color is purple
4~ I love crisp cool weather and clear electric blue skies
5~ I enjoy American Idol
6~ I do not like coconut and never will
7~ I like most fruits and veggies.. but I do not like lima beans or okra... NEVER
8~ As a child I liked ketchup but did not like tomatos
9~ I like to experiment with all sorts of herbs in cooking
10~ I sing
11~ I quit singing in public when my dad died ( he and my mom were suppose to hear me sing with our jewish community choral group at a Shopping area for the Winter holiday celebration the night after the wreck) ( The folks who did sing dedicated that evening to me and family)
12~ For those of you that do not know my dad was killed in an auto accident November 9th 2001
13~ I took piano lessons for 2 weeks when I was in second grade guess I must not have enjoyed it too much..
14~ When I was a teenager I loved hard rock , everyone from Kiss to Van Halen , I spent many a summer night going to rock concerts, Rod Stewart, Styx, Kansas, Van Halen, Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Kiss and many others... (that was when concert tickets were 7-10 bucks for the good seats)
15 ~My parents were pretty cool with letting me decorate my room with pictures from 16 magazine when I was 13.. I went from John Travolta, to Kiss.. go figure.. My first teen crush was on John Travolta, I had him plastered all over my bedroom, My first R rated movie was Saturday Night Fever.
16~ A couple summers before I went to Boarding School I painstakenly cut out pictures of KISS and made their Logo in HUGE LETTERS over my bed... ( taped each piece up individually I wish I had a picture of that)
17 ~When I went to boarding school, my room was redecorated into a guest room, all pictures came down and the walls were painted some sort of light green, and nice framed pictures were hung up ( my dad was in the furniture business after all) No one told me until after the fact~
18~ My grandmother bought me my first Kiss album ( 3 album set) for 14 dollars at an old 5 and 10 store called Newberrys
19~I am ambidexterous and left hand dominate, I was forced to learn how to write with my right hand back in grammar school
20~ I love music in general, everything from broadway to classical and still that good old rock and roll, blues and so on...
Wish me well
Wish you well too


Princess Dieter said...

I don't tend to do memes, but I notice we have many of these in common--naturally curly hair, gray (I dye, though, but erratically), both sing but not in public, brief stint of piano lessons, etc. I, however, love lima bean soup and okra cooked Southern or Bangladeshi style. :) And I never went to boarding school (though as a kid, the idea of it was tempting, cause of all those British flicks.)

This year, you're married to your Valentine. How nice, huh? :)

Happy Valentine's Day, Honi, to you and yours.

The Princess

GirlTrueHeart said...

Hi! Congrats on doing so well and on having the love of your life by your side. I'd be happy to link to you if you want to link to me. I understand all too well that slow-down that seems to have happened after 30 lbs. This is why I have to really consume a lot of water and add on the exercise. Especially at this T.o.M. - Love the colors you use. You're a dog person too! Rock on.

Kate said...

ok... I posted my 20 things.

We do have a lot in common... the hair, the tomato thing... but you know, I just NEVER got into Kiss.

40 by 40 said...

I am sorry to hear about your dad. What a terrible terrible thing.{hug}

I hope you have a very Happy Valentines Day...and I am ADDICTED to the zuchini latkes!!! And they are just 1 point on WW each!! Great side to my ww soup. THANK YOU FOR THE TIP!

***love ketchup--won't eat a tomato in it's natural form still! :)

Katschi said...

Hi Honi,
I've got my 20 things posted today.
I'm truly sorry you lost your dad especially in such a tragic way. *hugs*
As for posters on the wall,my dad ripped them all off...there was one with Ian Anderson from Jethro Tull with his flute between his legs (so what) and it sent him over the edge. I hated him for that. I had collected them from Creem and Circus and they were precious to me, especially at 14.

Lady T said...

i had piano lessons as a little girl too!

though mine stretched out for about 2 years. 2x a week.


my mom tried really hard on that one! LOL....