Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I think I like it.. rather we think we like it.. We purchased a new mattress on Sunday ... its very comfy and much better than our old one.. this has one of those memory foam pads on it.. its a little warm but I do think I am going to enjoy sleeping on this one.. I know I did not move much last night so that is always a good sign... and when I woke up my back did not feel bad.. neck still feels messed up but over all back was not stiff or anything like it was before.. I think I have to work on the pillow situation.. figuring out how to place the pillow .. what works.. what feels good.. they gave us 2 of those memory foam pillows.. Steve loves his.. mine I like .. its great for watching TV or playing on my PSP but I am not so keen on it to sleep on.. I still like good old squishy feather pillows...
I am looking forward to the new WW points counter and keeper .. wish they had that last month when I got the one I ended up with... but thats cool.. I will have that in a few days not to mention my new WW scale .. oddly enough I am looking foward to that too... OHHHHHHHHHH and to treat myself since I am now an official water drinker I bought me a fancy water bottle its by Camelbak it's called the Better Bottle I got it and I LOVE IT... I am going to get a Kozy for it to keep my water cool.. yay me .. lol .. I wish I could have found one in purple but blue .. it works.. and the Kozy for it will be blue too... how ridiculous am I .. geez.. but hey I figure this is a good reward for being a good water drinker..see my biggest complaint with water bottles.. good ones is that the water never stays cool.. I don't like COLD water I like cool water lol.. okay I will shut up about water now... but it really is nifty buying tools that help you succeed .... what are some of your tools you have bought along the way to better health?
Oh and as the weeks draw closer I will be asking you guys for tips to handle the hospital.. Moms surgery is July 15th and I want to be prepared with everything I can be to survive the upcoming stress.. So in a later post any advice on that topic will be so appreciated.. I will remind you guys as the time draws near.. I go with mom to the doctor on Monday..
Well it is a sticky yucky Wednesday in good old Alabama..
Wish me well
Wish you well too!!!


Ready to Shrink said...

Pack tons of cruncy veggies. These will giv eyou the satisfaction of chewing and the nice crunch that I always look for in a snack. Good luck lady!

buddha_girl said...

There are few things in life like a new mattress! I'm going to live vicariously through you and Steve until HG and I can buy a new one. *sigh*

Love the bottle! I always keep two water bottles in the fridge so I don't have to wait for cold water. I need it FREEZING cold to like it. Ever since my surgery, I realize how easily dehydrated I can because my body's working so hard to replace the blood I lost.'s drinkdrinkdrink! All the time!

I'll start pondering stuff to help out with your mom's surgery and get back to you!

Anonymous said...

I hope you're getting along much better with your new mattress than I did. I got a full memory foam one in January and two months later I was in agony, and had pain in my back for about 5 weeks until I figured out it has to be the darn mattress! My new 'normal' mattress is going to be delivered on Friday. Shame though about all the cash I spent...
I have the exact same water bottle, in blue too! Excellent stuff. I find it hard to get the water out via the straw though. I have to strain my cheeks. LOL.

MargieAnne said...

"all we gotta do is rest .. breath and start fresh.. lord knows I have been doing that the better part of 45 years :-)"

Thanks. Made me laugh.

Enjoy your new mattress. Good sleep so precious.

Ann(ie) said...

It's drizzly and gray in stupid Seattle. ;) I think I might come visit. Sticky almost sounds better.

I got a new mattress not long ago and I lurve it!!!! I sleep so much better now. Well when hubby isn't trying to suck the ceiling through his nose that is. =/


Scale Junkie said...

I'm jealous of the new mattress. You know I'm not the jealous type but I'm jealous.