Wednesday, June 18, 2008


It is Wednesday... woo hoo.. okay not really.. woo hoos are for Friday lol..
but hey Wednesday is closer to Friday than Tuesday so maybe Wednesday can get a WOO.. ..
I did not get to walk last night I worked late.. so Tonight we are either going to the club to exercise or walking.. at least we are doing something so that is good.. Steve joins me in the walking so thats good too.. We did really good on Monday night .. he wanted to walk last night but after getting home after 7pm and trying to unwind a bit before bed I was not up to it... so we decided that nights I do not work late are better to walk ....
Water... I am finding I really have a fondness for water.. it makes me feel really good.. I never thought I would say that about water but when I drink water I drink less diet soda.. I feel that my skin feels better.. I am more hydrated and less likely to have a headache by the end of the work day. I find that my body just feels better with water.. I never believed those comments until I actually started drinking it.. and I drink it straight up.. no crystal light no propell powders.. just plain old fashioned nutritionist gave Steve and I a Britia water pitcher for wedding gift and that thing gets refilled 2 or 3 times a day now... so I am now of the school.. and a graduate of.. WATER IS GOOD FOR YOU.. it really does make you feel healthier and better.. Learn to drink it.. and with in weeks you will feel a difference in your body.
So many times I have been asked.. what do you eat in a typical day.
so here is my menu for Tuesday remember it was a late work day so nothing major for dinner
Breakfast 700 am
1 packet QuakerWeight Control Instant oatmeal Banana nut flavor ( I bought the variety pack box this time)
Snack 10 am
APPLE and a light string cheese colby cheddar
Lunch 12 pm
Lenders Whole wheat Bagel with light cream cheese and baby cucumber
Mixed fresh fruit ( watermelon, blue berries, cantaloupe)
Activia Light Yogurt
a little Diet Sunkist
Fiber one bar around 230 pm
cherries 230pm
Triscuits and 1 wedge laughing cow cheese 4 30 pm
Dinner 730 pm
Light cheese toast with fresh basil and sliced tomato
WW chocolate ice cream sandwich
I spread things out during the day especially on late days so I do not come home starving when I do come home starving it is terrible....
Well thats it for a Wednesday
Wish me well
wish you well too


Twix said...

Yep! Wednesday is closer to Friday! Woooo! I've been drinking filtered water and have noticed an increase in my consumption. However I haven't noticed the preks you have experienced. Maybe in due time huh? I would say you had a dairy day, lol. Sometimes I have dairy days too. Have to watch how much though my gut would hate me, heh. I didn't know diet sunkist existed. So I learned something new today, thanks! :) Woooo for Wednesday!!

Cammy said...

I'm in support of a Woohoo for Wednesday. :)

Thanks for the reminder about the water. I have just *got* to get better about it.

GirlTrueHeart said...

Water is the key to life! Even before I added exercising to the new lifestyle, I was certain to get as close to TWO LITERS of water a day. That was my goal, if I fell short, I still knew that I was aiming higher than if I didn't remain conscious of it. At first water consumption increase will cause you to take more trips to the restroom, but after about a week, your body adjusts. A friend who felt she was addicted to diet soda made the switched to carbonated water and says she's never been happier. Happy Wednesday!