Thursday, June 19, 2008


ME I am angry at me.. well I am really not like hit myself in the head what kind of fool am I angry .. I am just perplexed.. sigh... I weighed Wednesday morning.. ( ALL TOGETHER NOW>>>> HONI YOU ARE SUPPOSE TO WEIGH ONCE A WEEK ON A FRIDAY NOT EVERY OTHER DAY DINGBAT!!!!! ) I am up nearly a pound... whats the deal with that.. I suffer gladly the new weight of the scale.. it actually weighs you 2 pounds more than a doctors scale.. So Monday morning Instead of weighing maybe 183 like I thought I might on the old scale but which I was never sure of because that scale was fried ... So I weighed on Sunday and Monday and I weighed 185.9 now today I am 186.7 what the FUCK GIVES...Tuesday night I did not have dinner until nearly 9 pm.. Steve really wanted to go out for Chinese but said lets just eat at home .. I made myself tomato cheese toast for dinner..and then I weigh yesterday.. and poof I am up ...... craptastic on that.. I should have just had the damn chinese food at least it would have been a well earned pound... shesh...
Well my official weigh day is Tommorow... We did walk last night and we will walk tonight.. I am going to keep dinner light tonight and last night we did a veggie night.. We will have some home grown green beans ( Steve's office manager brought them to us) sauted lightly in olive oil with a vidalia onion.. we ate some raw cauliflower too.. Tonight I probably will do a tomato sandwich.. for dinner.. the last couple of nights for walking the weather has been yummy.. low humidity and really nice..On Saturday We were going to the blueberry festival in Brewton Alabama , thats near Mobile.. Steve's office manager is going so she is going to bring us back some Blueberry plants so we can grow our own... anyhow we decided that a 400 mile day on the bike might be a bit much so we are going to go here instead for the morning it is not as far but still a nice ride... we like this flea market .. lots of Puppies.. me loves my puppies.. speaking of which Cookie saw the vet yesterday some little furry butt has to go on a diet she is 10 pounds overweight and for a doggie of her size that not good.. so Cookie is going on Weight Control Beniful and will be going on more walks ( GOOD FOR ME TOO) and playing more Frisbee too..
..We might do a movie marathon if the weather is bad as it is suppose to be Saturday afternoon.. we shall see..
Then on Sunday morning we are going here on a another puppy hunt.. ohh and for the curious .. we usually do use the motorcycle.. so if we find a pup it would be sort of hard to bring her or him home.. but we figure we will cross that bridge should we find the right pup ever.. So we have a nice weekend planned which is good... Friday can not get here fast enough for my liking... Well time to go log my food intake on WW ... trying to be accurate but being frustrated instead.. I am going to use the 185.9 weight on my weight log on WW online ... Wednesday I did adjust my weight and got a message that I needed to recalculate my points so I did.. and now instead of 23 points they moved me to 22 .. so dusting off and going from there..I think I am obsessing over this stupid number issue.. sheesh.
I did that WEIGHT VIEW THING.. and here were my results.. not a great picture of me but its kinda neat to see this ME with 50 pounds gone
ON to something that makes me smile ..
AMERICA's GOT TALENT .. I love this stuff look at the videos here and watch it on TV...
here are my two favorites so far:
.Wish me well
Wish you well too
Yay Friday is tomorrow !!!!!

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GirlTrueHeart said...

Well thanks for that link. Seeing is believing they say. I'm waiting for my photo to be re-touched. Laughed my ass off at that photoshop link you had up. Yikes, wouldn't that be nice if it could just go away like that.