Tuesday, June 17, 2008


It is always Delicate to discuss things that might be hurtful to it discussing one's weight.. or some other issue.
In the blog world.. we go by what the author says..and each of us gathers information regarding that person. Sometimes we read things.. and we reach out and encourage each other.. Sometimes we read things and simply share a good laugh or a commonality. Sometimes we cry with our friends .. Friends we have yet to meet and possibly never will have the pleasure of meeting them in person. However, We forge these friendships in the blogging world based on what we hope is honesty. Every now and then we run across something we question. Sometimes no one says a word but silently wonders if that poster is being honest. Sometimes we wonder if we are about to be scammed but we might keep that to ourselves just assuming we are overly suspicious.... Yet when several readers of the same posts .. turn to each other at various times and ask each other what do they think... well... It makes you wonder if we are being played as sympathy suckers being drawn into a world that does not exist.. and most of us with good hearts reach out with out thinking is this person being honest? we ASSUME they are being honest. What a pity to question and then perhaps discover they were being played. Scammed for money. .. I am not pointing fingers .. or laying out names.. or anything.. I am just making a blanket statement.. it really is a pity that there are those out there that would stoop so low as to play on people's good nature.. crying sob story after sob story with not a lick of truth to a letter in said post. I wish they would think twice about being dishonest.. for there is a great wealth of good folk out there.. on similar journeys just trying to reach out to each other.. and develop those bonds of friendship, networking and support through the trial and error of getting healthier and that includes mental health as well.... so if your path is one of deception find another venue. Life sucks.. and it is hard.. and you have to deal with what ever shit you have to deal with.. This forum.. These weight loss blogs and getting healthy blogs are not the neighborhood for desperate wanders like you..
Just a thought..
Wish me well
Wish you well too..

PS I did not go to the gym BUT!!!! Steve picked me up from work and we went home and went for a long walk .. I was a sweaty mess so I Must have done something good for myself.. then we had BBq chicken for dinner and green peas .. I love baby peas lol..


Anonymous said...

I couldn't have said it better Honi. I trust my instincts when it comes to blogs or other internet-based 'friendships' or relationships. And if I sense that someone is being dishonest, I just don't go back. May sound harsh, but time is precious and so are the emotions we invest in others.
Apply the same rules you would apply in the 'real world' if you can. That's my 2 cents anyway.

Cammy said...

I'm not sure what precipitated this post (nor do I need to), but it's kindly stated.I may need to point a few people from another online community of which I'm a member to thsi post. :)

MargieAnne said...

Well said. Totally agree.

And here is an expanation about the Bali Jandals.

I was making a quick reference to the promise my daughter made when she left NZ for her holiday. They were stopping to visit a cousin in Bali. Last time she was there she brought me a pair of jandals/sandals/flipflops covered in silver sequins that I love but are now showing serious signs of over-use. I ordered her to get me as many pairs as she is willing to carry beacuase I've not been able to buy anything I like as much here & Bali is much cheaper too. She is a clever shopper so I can't wait to see what she found me. This time next week I will know.Lol!

buddha_girl said...

I hate liars. Period.

Grumpy Chair said...

Well, poo! I'm too nosey and curious and wonder what happened. But I feel the same way you do, especially about some blogs. When I got suspicious, I just quit reading them.

Hope you had a great day.

Twix said...

Hmmmmm. Well I haven't run across any really that have made me question yet. But then again I have been told I believe ti much of what is told to me. Even though I think that I am paranoid by nature. Go figure!

As for myself I have battled as to what to put out there. A lot of whacky, crazy stuff happens. And most times I find myself under a great deal of stress. So much so that I stopped posting for awhile. Because I wasn't sure if I shoudl be posting all that stuff. You know there wasn't much of anything good to say. Although I think I have tried to add a few good things in each of the crap posts. To atleast let others know that even though things are crappy I'm handling ok because there's always a silver lining somewheres. Right? Oy! lol! I think I am chatting in circles. Anyways I have been battling with this one and I'm not sure what I'm supposed to post if nothing good is happening. :)