Monday, June 30, 2008


So you say to yourself it is time... time to make the big changes.. so you embark on a healthier you campaign.. you trail blaze .. you count calories.. you look at nutritional labels.. you wise up and become smarter. You are on the way to a healthier self.
In this weight loss market we are bombarded with ideas and opinions as to what we should do to make ourselves better. OF course on the one hand the size acceptance group says dammit all and accept you for you.. but if you flip the channel you see every ad for Nutri system, Jenny Craig, WW, Fat burners .. promises galore to help you lose your fat ass. Promises with catches along with the bells and whistles.. I almost got caught up in two things this week... one being this FULL BAR interesting but I simply can not afford this product to help me reach my goal .. and the real fact is .. I have to depend on myself to achieve my goals.
Yesterday I found that Weight loss hypnotherapy blog .. you can read about that in my post from Thursday something else that is far to pricey. There are so many things out there viaing for our attention promising us things that can truly be attained by doing just a few steps.
1- Eating for ONE and eating in a manner that features healthy choices i.e. portion control and good nutrition .. you know what that is and you know it does not involve McDonald's or Wendy's or KFC think whole foods, fresh veggies , lean protein and fresh fruit
2- exercise moderately through out the week ( still have yet to master this one) instead of exercising your eyeballs watching TV , go for a short walk.. every step matters.
3- Have faith in yourself that you can attain your goals in a healthy long term manner.. with out faith in yourself and your ability then you will not achieve anything positive.. with faith your options are limitless.
4- Every time you stumble or trip .. get back up.. quitters never win.. WINNERS NEVER QUIT!!!
Still those outside forces are tempting.. promising you bodies of athletes , promising you flat bellies.. thinner thighs, beauty.. etc.. perhaps looking at yourself naked and assessing where you need to make those changes and working to make those changes is the best way to do things.. So what if you are 350 pounds.. look at yourself.. naked.. you can see your body.. and you can change your body.. nothing is hopeless, no one is hopeless.. If you want to use tools to help you achieve your goals .. WONDERFUL a great program is CHANGE ONE via Reader's Digest can be a great asset .. With that program basically you are changing one thing at a time until you develop a whole new set of habits and attitudes regarding weight.. good program if you ask me.. good tools.. If you feel bariatric surgery is your only hope.. then go see a doctor.. get the ball rolling.. time is a wasting.. though you have time to change not doing anything is sentencing yourself to an early death.. sorry.. not trying to step on toes.. but fact is the larger you are.. the less time on this planet you will have.. statistically speaking this is so.. and though I hate statistics sometimes facts are facts.. and we just have to accept that. So I say .. be on a plan... start something.. and if you screw up so what.. START AGAIN!!! Now what about those of you that really have no plans to lose weight.. or no desire.. Fine.. you are probably not reading this anyhow.. I am not calling you unhealthy.. fat people can be healthy.. but this is for those of us that do want to change.. that feel overwhelmed.. that are scared.. and scarred from past failures No matter what your size.. where you are .. look at your body for what you have right now.. and don't let someone tell you how to change it with empty promises.. You change it with action..just do not be afraid to look at yourself naked.. I know what its like to look at myself with revulsion.. but if I really look... if I see my eyes.. my nose.. my hair.. and work my way down.. I can start seeing possibilities.. Look at yourself as if you are a fine stately old building that just needs to be updated and renovated.. and start tearing out the old a bit at a time and replacing it with new.. New Attitude.. new Exercise.. new faith.. it can be done..


Katschi said...

Honi, I left you something on my blog today. Under "I'd like to thank the academy" I hope you like it.

Cammy said...

Excellent post, Honi! The right choices are in front of us, and we may not always choose them, but if we do it most of the time (as in almost ALL of the time), we'll be so much better off!)