Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Well Friday morning I was all over the scale as we know.. now I am back down to 183.8 I went all the way up to 188.9 at one point..
I had a bit of a bad blow last night... nothing wrong I just had a cereal snack on the new Kashi Honey Sunshine so I was a bit disappointed in myself.. but I never went over my points.. Yesterday was a zoo day at work so I never finished eating my lunch and was famished by the time I got home..
For dinner we had Parmesan crusted talapia and fresh green beans sauteed in olive oil with fresh basil and a little garlic spice mix we have...
I have a long LONG day at work today so I am going to have a hot lunch.. (baked potato) and plenty of fresh raw veggies and fruit.. I will have sprinkle cheese in the potato for my dairy and protein and a yogurt for additional dairy and protein. I bring plenty of fruit on days like this so I can snack on that through out the long day.. I probably will get home around 730ish... and then you guys know what I am going to watch.. yep.. thats right.. AMERICA's Got Talent...
We did a short walk last night.. and it started raining so we ran part of the way home.. yes.. you heard me right.. RAN.. lol..
Well time to go log the food..
Keeping it short for a Tuesday
Wish me well
Wish you well too


40 by 40 said...

Glad you are back down...that scale can be so strange..Hey a splurge on something healthy isn't too bad at all. You have been doing really well..don't you feel better, with all that good eating going on?
Keep it up, girl!

Katschi said...

Your tilapia dinner sounds delicious!