Tuesday, June 10, 2008

SO it is TUESDAY..

Every now and then I have no idea what to title my posts
is a tip..
NEVER .. NEVER EVER SNEEZE WITH YOGURT IN YOUR MOUTH.. lol I will leave that to your imagination.. but if you are not quick it can be very messy if you are a mouth sneezer :-) ...
Well I ordered this and this ..
finally decided to send my old scale to the old scale grave yard where ever that is... hopefully they will both arrive soon...
I have been roaming around online... and one that that just makes me kinda sad is noticing how many weight loss links are dead.. let me be more specific .. blogs.. I often wonder what happens to folks.. why do they end it.. Somtimes when I blog I really have nothing to talk about.. like today.. but I peruse the net and look for a topic as I have time to do so..
I try to post at least 4-5 times a week. For me I guess it is theraputic.. and I love my comments they really keep me strong and inspired.. even when I feel like giving up they help keep me focused.. not to mention just typing what I feel.. I find myself wondering what happened to these folks.. why did they just go away.. why did they give up on themselves.. now.. I know perhaps some of them found another path and will lose weight just find with out their blogs..and I am sure there are many like that... but what about those that just say FUCK IT.. then just throw in the towel for the last time and just give up...
Resiliance is a hard facet to come by.. but in being resiliant and keeping oneself motivated and going in a postive direction.. well.. for myself.. though it may be a struggle it is so worth it.. I just feel bad when I see blogs die.. for no other reason than someone just gives up.. Maybe the realization that weight loss is not a goal.. weight loss is a life time adventure and a life time of learning and adapting to life...
For most of us weight is the symptom of a bigger issue when we resolve that issue.. or at least address it.. then change can happen.. lets face it .. like the old saying goes.. if do what you have always done you will get what you have always gotten... so if we readjust our thinking and develop a different route then things start changing.. and change is an amazing thing... when we feel it happening with in ourselves.. to me giving up is not an option I will try and try again until I succeed.. I hope you will too.. I hope I never discover your blog shattered by just giving up.. NEVER GIVE UP!!!


Cammy said...

I've often wondered, too, what makes people give up on their blogs, and whether or not they've continued the healthy path. I hope so, for their sakes.

Ready to Shrink said...

I agree Honi...I see links I used to click on and now they are gone. Or people who haven't posted for months...they just disappear into blogger heaven I guess.

I do hope they are all doing well! :)

Fat Grl Slim said...

I'm here, I'm here!!! And like you, I love the therapeutic value my blog provides and I don't plan on going anywhere!!!!!

Keep up the good work sista!

Grumpy Chair said...

I went from posting everyday to four times a week, just because it was beginning to feel chore like (for me) and I didn't want to stop completely. I think at the time I was feeling burned out on the whole dieting thing. Right now my blog reading is way behind because I have been busy for the past two weeks with planning events, that thankfully are over. So don't give up on me.

One day in April, I went through the HYC links and was amazed by how many stopped blogging or closed down shop.

Have a great Tuesday.