Friday, June 13, 2008


Well 400 sounds like a mighty big number.. 400 posts.. I have had a lot to say apparently.. and sadly for some of you.. I still have a lot to say.. .. gladly for me though.. I can open up in my own little universe and share away.. I can redecorate and do whatever I want here.. I like that. As you can see I updated my slide show with pictures from Israel. I still say to each of you.. pack your bag and go.. it is nothing like you think it is and everything you hope it will be plus.


Well it is Friday and normally that is my weigh day.. but who in the heck said I was normal.. not me... so I am not weighing today .. because.. well l don't have to if I don't want too.. and I am still waiting on the arrival of my new scale.. which should be here any day..

We are looking into have some yard work done .. had some folks come by to give estimates yesterday so hopefully we will do that.. it is stuff we have wanted to do for YEARS... they also do house cleaning so .. it would be nice to have a company come in once or twice a month for yard clean up and house cleaning.. Steve tends the yard mostly by himself.. I help very little .. I should help more... he just has that great green thumb and I tend to kill things the more I mess with them.. lol..

.. We have a nice weekend planned .. we are going to celebrate Drew's ( Steve's grandson) 2nd birthday on Saturday.. and on Sunday we will have breakfast there to celebrate Father's Day.. we also are going to stop by the cemetery.. the cemetery where my dad is buried is really beautiful. We like walking around there believe it or not.. we like to look at all the different headstones.. read those interesting bits of people's history.. I don't like drama at the cemetery so I prefer going with just Steve... when we take mom it becomes .. well drama.. and though I do feel bad about not taking her .. sometimes there are things I simply must do for myself and Steve.. so why do I feel this sense of guilt.. lol.. oh well..

I have had a great eating week right on target and under my points and no bonus points either.. of course I did not exercise my fat ass.. and I know friends this is a problem.. and as soon as I resolve this problem the weight will come off faster I know this.. I really do.. I just have to find a place to include it so that I actually will stick with it.. You know like drinking water.. I had to put it in a place and now it is habit and I do it.. and I have stuck with it.. which that alone is amazing.. I also think I liked the idea of rewarding myself with the new water bottle.. so maybe if I use that attitude with exercise it might work too.. I see so many of you out there doing things.. walking.. swimming, doing dvds.. I know its not impossible to do and yes .. yes I know I have a beautiful facility which is on my way to work and home from work .. to exercise at.... ST VINCENT's 119 check this place out.. it rocks.. so why don't I??? should I dare make a commitment to start going starting Monday the 16th.. is it possible to do that.. or will this be one of excuses boiling up.. well I do have to go with mom to the doctor Monday and then back to work.. however on my way home in the late afternoon I could stop and exercise .. after 530.. fact is I prefer doing it after work then before work.. Should I dare make that commitment today on June 13th 2008 .. that I will use the benefit of 119? I should.. shouldn't I ? I should just type it out loud.. and commit to it.. look at me .. look at how I am hesitating to this commitment... Can I do this.. will I let something deter me.. drive me off course.. ??? (DEEP BREATH) .... thinking..... NO.. Monday june 16th 2008 I will be at St. Vincents 119 to swim or walk on the track or use the machines.. I will DO SOMETHING for at least 30 minutes on Monday.. I will do this.. it is not out of my way.. it is right there.. it is mine to do!

So with that in mind... have a great weekend and happy father's day ~

Wish me well

Wish you well too!


Cammy said...

It will be great if you can start building the exercise habit, but don't sweat it (hee-hee!) if you opt to build it slowly. Monday seems like a great place to start! :)

Grumpy Chair said...

Congratulations on your 400th post!

Hope you enjoy Monday's exercise day and have a super great weekend.

MargieAnne said...

Thanks for the picture slide. Love photos of Israel. One day I will get there.

Congratulations 400 posts and still going strong. Good I'd miss your humour, wisdom, thought provoking etc.

Start exercising asap but don't go all out and stress yourself .... I advise that because that's what I do everytime and then need a break and it takes a lot of brain power to get back in the mode again.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your 400th post. Enjoy Monday!

Lora said...

First - St. Vincent's - DO IT! It looks like an awesome place!

Secondly - Israel pics - mad me want to go now more than ever!

Third - 400 posts! You go girl!

GirlTrueHeart said...

Getting there is 95% of the issue for me. Once I'm there, I'm loving it. And, the feeling is great. Go Honi, go!

Anonymous said...

Hi Honi ~ CONGRATULATIONS on 400 Posts .. you Rock!!! Loved the Israel pictures, thank you so much for sharing!!!

Now, as for getting yourself to St. Vincent's ... here's some motivation ...

YOU CAN DO THIS!!! It is our dream no one has a right to prevent us from reaching it, least of all us ...

Eliminate the language that allows for excuse
- Not if, but when,
- Not try, but will
- Not hope,but belief
then it will not be a dream, it will be a into it!

Very best wishes for your continued success!!! Ranae