Thursday, October 2, 2008


In 2008 its okay to be Gay Clay.... its not really news... ya know...
Things I love
A funny blog a bit racy be careful where you read :-)
Peace and Quiet...

Things I am dealing with

Eating well

having stomach issues .. waiting for gasto folks to call so i can get endoscope might have another week or so to wait..

Pain with no pain pills.. seeing nuerosurgeon regarding disk herniation in neck on Monday early am.. hopefully he will prescribe some PT for me .. that always helps and might help with the Fibro...

Sleep with no Advian switched to half an Ambian...

Taking care and treating myself.. I bought new glasses, a new bathing suit and treated myself to a new cell phone all which I will be getting between now and November 1.

This Fibro is odd.. I was okay earlier today .. I cleaned the office.. vacuumed and mopped .. I had to sit down and rest.. which I am doing now... very tired now..

Otherwise I am okay.. hanging in.. eating healthy for the most part.. breathing .. living and trying to move a bit..

Wish me well

Wish you well too


~Laura said...

The fibro is really odd and sneaks up when you least expect it. I have had to learn and continue to learn how to pace myself. It is hard when you are naturally a go getter.

new*me said...

treating yourself in a very healthy way!!! Good for YOU!

Ann(ie) said...

Clay, Clay, CLay. You think that was an announcement????? hehe. That's like JLo announcing her preganancy at 8 months along. ;) hehe.