Monday, October 6, 2008


So its early this morning.. and I go to see the neurosurgeon.. I get there about 30 minutes early as I had to go down to my regular doctor to get the MRI pictures to take up to the neuro. So I get there do the paperwork etc.. My appointment is at 9 ( oh by the way still waiting on blood tests results so far everything has come back normal... still waiting on the vitamin D test) so I finally go back at about 9 15 .. at 9 45 an assistant of the doctors comes in to do an eval on me... Then at 10:00 the doctor comes in.. and tells me how my doctor wanted him to work me in.. blah blah blah..He was nice enough.. my herniation in my neck is not that big.. which is good.. but then the doc does the same eval the previous doctor did.. and then at 10:15 he says the most profound thing..
HONI YOU MUST LOSE WEIGHT.. ( said with the deepest sarcasm I can muster) .. right I say.. and you must exercise at least 5 days a week.. he says.. right I say.. ( all of these things I fucking know) he says that those things will help me manage my pain better.. right I say... I know these things.. so at 10:20 I ask for PT.. he gives me an intense 6 weeks 2 to 3 times a week session.. which is what I wanted in the first place not a lecture that I need to lose weight.. YOU REALLY THINK I NEED TO LOSE WEIGHT.. I know these things.. trust me..... I am thinking.. then the doctor said there are 2 things he would never want to have.. Fibromyalgia and MS.. whew thats a relief to know.. lol.. oh well.... so I know I have to make some lifestyle changes but for now I need some short term relief so I can get to the long term things.. I have been doing ok on the eating.. I go weigh in an hour and a half and then tonight I am going to swim.. I hope I am not commiting too big of a sin...Thursday afternoon when I should be in temple for Yom Kippur.. I am going to my initial PT session to get my eval so I can start therapy ASAP to get some short term relief so I can move better.. I figured I would go to services in the early morning.. come home.. swim.. shower.. go to Pt.. go home and change and go back to services then go to my aunts.. or I might not get a swim in on Thurs but I am going to try.. I have a late work day tommorow so I can not swim then.. So I am going to swim tonight, Wed. Thursday ( hopefully ) and possibly Friday.. not sure.. I just know when I am in the water I feel better or when I am moving I feel better..
In other news... check this cool site out..ME AND GOJI
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~Laura said...

What a freaking genius this dr is! I cannot stand when they feed me these lines of well, bullshit. Yes, the weight loss helps but what the dr's seem not to see is that we are in such pain and experience such unexplainable, extreme exhaustion that is tremendously hinders the weight loss process when you are dealing with Fibro.

Honi, I do know that the PT helps. It has helped me in the past and I am starting again soon myself. Changing eating habit do help to. All of these things we know, but unless they have experienced it or it is a dr that truly specializing and dedicates their work to Fibro -they just don't get it.

I know where you are and I am standing right there behind you for support. I am weak and in pain but together we will get better. Seriously, I have been searching for a Fibro specialist and am determined to go this route even if I have to travel a distance. Good luck!

Scale Junkie said...

Now I know why health care is so expensive, those doctors are effing geniuses!!! I wonder if *I* need to lose weight too, maybe some day I can go to a doctor and hear those words for myself because you know, I'm too fucking stupid to figure it out for myself. WOW

I hope you're PT gives you a lot of relief!