Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Something about that Hardee's comercial that always makes me laugh ..

I think that metaphor can work for us too.. how many of us really want to shrink that badonkadonk into a badinkadink.. I know I do.. and that badonkadonk can be anything.. from your tush to your belly to your body... so sometimes.. if we add a smile to what we are doing I think it makes it more fun.. to find the laughter in things that have been difficult for us.. it makes it easier.. and I am all about the easy button.. even though we know that this will take a lot of work.. hard work.. change is never easier.. and true success is never easily won.
I hope everyone is having a great week at best and a tolerable week at worst.. Mine is going okay.. Started PT .. and I am hoping to get some pain control soon.. Am going swimming today.. of course my swimming is not that fancy.. but never the less it is still classified as swimming nah I really do more than dog paddle..
Aside from exercise if you were to be asked what is your biggest trouble spot with eating healthy.. long term.. what might some of your answers me.. let me know in the comments section..
Mine would have to be portion control...THIS IS NEITHER HEALTHY OR A PORTION SIZE.. remember the actual portion size for a hamburger let alone a cheeseburger from the hand out I put in a post last week...? yep.. single burger cut in half.. no cheese.. remember that?
Here is a good this little portion size game from Cooking Light
PORTION SIZE for your food pyramid.
Wish me well
Wish you well too


Twix said...

Portion size gets me too! And so does convience and salt content. I think I'm eating healthy and find out the salt is through the roof. Then I have to rethink things! I wish eating healthy was convient!! I like being lazy about my food and having it right there ready to eat, occasionally. ;-)

Now I want a burger instead for dinner..hahahah..the power of suggestion!! :D

Have a great Wednesday!!

new*me said...

I was trying to convince hubby last week that 7 fish sticks was a serving! We are so lost here in America. Supersize days are gone in my house.

buddha_girl said...

HG and I saw that commercial the other night for the first time and DIED laughing. I even shook my ass for him a couple of times.

I will readily admit that I sometimes eat a junior deluxe, no mayo with a plain baked potato and have no guilt afterward. None.

The no mayo thing isn't because I'm being thoughtful about my food choices - I just LOATHE that nasty shit. *gag*

I wish we lived closer because we'd swim together!

Ann(ie) said...

I suck so badly with portion size!! That quiz was really good for me!