Friday, October 24, 2008


YOU know most of the time I really try and keep this health oriented but sometimes .. that little alarm goes off in my head.. and I simply must grab the soap box and stand on it and proclaim.. uhmm what ever it is at the moment I need to proclaim... so I am proclaiming....
THAT IF YOU WANT TO BE A NEWS ANCHOR ON A NATIONAL NETWORK USE FUCKING PROPER ENGLISH.. (all right already I know.. I probably should not have said fucking let alone highlighting it in bright yellow... ) ..
Lets back up a wee bit... I have not slept in 24 hours.. for the most part.. you see I decided that I was not going to take anything to help me sleep... I was going to be a sleep warrior ( yep a SLEEP WARRIOR) .. PFFT... that did not work... at all.. so I am already not toooo Happy..
Then we are watching FOX.. ( urp.. sorry threw up in my mouth a bit) ... because my husband believes as do I, that in order to be well informed you need to see what all the stations are saying... We are MSNBC fans personally.... ) this morning... and the blond ditzy anchor chick... drops her Gs .. and who else do we know that drops her Gs... Let me give you a ripe hint..
Sarah PaWannaBeARegularJoesSixWhateverHockeyMomSoPeopleWillThinkIAmAwwwWhoTheHellCareslin.. shesh Honestly, .. I really do not like those that supposedly deliver the "UNBIASED" news reports to not SPEAK proper ENGLISH do not DROP YOUR Gs.. that annoys me just a little..
On the other hand.. those of us who write our own blogs.. or speak amongst ourselves.. Talk anyway you want... cuz.. that is okay... BUT IF YOU ARE DELIVERING THE NEWS SPEAK IT .. CORRECTLY .. ~!!!!!! Kicking soap box back where ever soap box goes...
Going to get ready for work..
Seeing the doctor today... oh and in my infinite wisdom today I just realized I was taking the Nexium WRONG.. you are suppose to take it at least one hour before eating.. heck sometimes I took it after eating breakfast.. DUMBASS me.. would have been nice if about ohh say a month ago when I started taking them that I read the damn directions.. .. so I am going to take the Rx bottle with me and tell the doc what I did.. perhaps if I take it correctly it might actually help me more efficently.. a good bit of the heart burn is gone.. however my stomach still bothers me... so we gotta get to the root of that.. and of course it could be the FIBRO too... its flairing up badly today since I did not sleep well... uhmm at all...
I was doing better with the PT .. that seems to be helping a LOT.. but I did not swim at all this week.. I had so much to do after work.. Yeah I know I should have made time but at least I am honest..
So my friends.. have a rocking happy weekend..
ITs going to be blustery stormy here today with cooler and nicer weather creeping in over the weekend... love that crispy stuff..
Wish me well
Wish you well too...

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Shari said...

ROFLMAO!!! I love your Palin rant...did you see SNL Weekend Thursday Update last night? It's probably on, Bush & McCain it!!