Tuesday, November 13, 2007


ALL is well on the eating front.. I promise this blog will go back to being more healthy centric once this weekend is over.. so please bare with me as I adjust to all of this activity going on around me this weekend..
We are getting things organized for Friday night now.. for the dinner.. Lots of food.. LOTS OF FOOD.. lol to feed about 75 people or so.. give or take 10..
A lot of my cousins coming I have not seen since my Dad died so I am so happy to see them for a happy occassion you have no idea.. is there that vain side of me that would have loved to have all my weight off by this weekend.. You bet.. but.. hey this is me.. I am the smallest I have been since 2002.. after all the excitement is over.. I go back to the nutritionist.... and I will get the next 50 off... for me.. no one else.. I look forward to that.. I look forward to giving Steve the healthest me I can.. For I know that there is a lot of things out there we can not control.. but this.. this change that i seek is doable.. and I am confident in that.

Oh here are a couple links you might find handy you might have heard of this site before.. its called the Healthy Dining site.. with the holidays coming up I thought this might be a good idea...

Found this on the Hungry Girl website.. I love freebies

Well folks .. wish me well
Wish you well too..


Scale Junkie said...

Just stop that apologizing for talking about the wedding! I WANT to hear all about it!! Heck, I talk about my shopping trips and my dogs, you can talk about your wedding and anything else you want..its YOUR blog!!

thanks for the links!! I love samples too.

Lady T said...

woo hoo!!!! i'm hopping over to the wedding excited are you??? i'm excited for you, lol!

remember to eat some of that food and ENJOY it!

Lynn said...

Love hearing about the wedding!! :)

Laura said...

I enjoy hearing about the wedding...very exciting. And that you are still keeping your eye on your food intake during all of this....good job!

Twix said...

I'm nervous about all the wedding stuff for you, lol!
This change is doable and one we will succeed at. Welcome the whirlwind of activity. Find peace in it and happiness! :D