Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Today many will be gathering at a local funeral chapel to say goodbye to wonderful woman, I called her aunt though she and her husband were close friends of my family... She was one of those icons that always seemed to be there.. with a warm smile, a gracious word and quick compliment. She celebrated at our wedding nearly 2 weeks ago.. and we found several pictures that had been taken of her and part of her family that we have since sent to the family. She looked beautiful for her 76 years.. This past Sunday one week after our wedding she had massive stroke and died later in the evening. I always try to find grace in death.. when we lose someone suddenly.. in her case.. she was battling lung cancer for the second time... so this faster death to me seemed kinder if you will.. than any suffering from cancer. I still can not believe that I will not hear her voice.. Since August I have lost 4 beautiful women in my life.. My real aunt, and 3 family friends , 2 I addressed as Aunt.. older woman.. that left their mark on this planet by either their wonderful personalities or contributing to their communities in very strong ways.

Steve calls these years the dying years.. each year as we get older we will lose more and more of those icons in our lives.. seems all we can do is bid them farewell as we are left with the mourning of the light of their lives. as a thread from the tapestry of our lives. once again is unraveled.. such is life and its never ending circle.

If I have one small piece of advice to share with you today.. I would say as the holiday season quickly arrives... even with the most annoying of folks.. try and make a little peace.. and if you can't do that .. just squint and laugh.. one day .. they won't be there anymore.. and something tells me.. there will be a piece of you that misses them... and with those you abosolutely adore.. make sure they know it.. it costs absolutely nothing to say I love you.

Eating wise.. going to log my food right now.. at Calorie-Count but here is the basic menu for today:
Breakfast was weight control oatmeal
drinking my berry propel now
lunch will be a smart ones meal the Thai Chicken and rice noodles I think thats 290..
todays snacks will be 100 cal yoplait yogurt, apple, bannana, a mix of craisins and slivered honey roasted almonds, and of course my fiber 1 bar. Dinner will be homemade chili.. with lots of veggies in it.. I am going to email my nutritionist whats in the chili so I can get an idea of calories...
Will be posting Stats every Monday..
Wish me well
Wish you well too..

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