Wednesday, November 21, 2007


What a whirlwind week it has been... first the wedding now Thanksgiving...
I have much to be thankful for. so here is my TOP 20 list: please share your list with me as well...

  1. I am thankful for my Steve and his enduring love.
  2. I am thankful for my good health
  3. I am thankful for Steve's continuing good health.
  4. I am thankful for the time to be with family and friends.
  5. I am thankful for Steve's children and getting to watch them shape their lives and futures and also for Steve's wonderful brothers and sister and their spouses. Each of them are a blessing to my life... for this I am most thankful.
  6. I am thankful for anything difficult that I have had to overcome.
  7. I am thankful that I can see that through difficulty comes strength and endurance.
  8. I am thankful for my mom.
  9. I am thankful for the love I had from my father when he was alive and a love that continues as is evident from this past weekend.
  10. I am thankful he gave me so much in the way of treating and caring for others.
  11. I am thankful for the continued good health of those around me.
  12. I am thankful for fall and the many magnificent colors that surround it.
  13. I am thankful for music
  14. I am thankful for warmth and shelter.
  15. I am thankful for my family and extended family
  16. I am thankful for my friends.
  17. I am thankful for my job.
  18. I am thankful for their endless support and encouragement.
  19. I am thankful for all of the love that surrounded us this past weekend.
  20. I am thankful for the ability to be able to meet so many wonderful new friends via the internet and my wonderful blog buddies

Some tips for surviving Thanksgiving per HUNGRYGIRL.COM:

check out the following links:


Tomorrow as you sit down to feast with your families... remember your commitment to yourself... be Thankful for yourself.. Pick a couple things that you only get this time of year.. have a small portion of those things.. eat them slowly and savior each bite.. Fill up on fresh veggies and fruit.. Be sure and have some turkey.. white meat , little to no skin.. and a small portion.. about the size of the palm of your hand. skip the gravey if you can or keep it in a side container and dip the tines of your fork in the gravey and then take a bite of turkey... take it easy on the potatos and stuffing.. You know what it tastes like.. so keep it light.. YOU CAN DO IT.. a Holiday does not have to be a free for all.. and it still can be yummy.... You know there are so many tricks you can do.. my favorite one is simply using a smaller plate.. fill up on salad (dressing on side) and your main meal ( 1 round of food) on a small plate.. .. So many of us opt to just let caution to the wind be the rule.. Step back for a minute.. and even if it is out of your comfort zone a bit.. try it a little different.. I am not saying deny yourself.. I am just saying .. don't hurt yourself.. no food is worth that.. You are far worth more than anything you eat... Remember my friends that while it may taste good for all of 3 seconds.. the work that goes behind cleaning up the damage of over indulging will be a hefty payment for just 3 seconds over taste.. So pick and choose be a picky eater Tommorow.. and tell yourself you are not denying yourself.. that you are loving yourself... I guess I disagree with most of the online advice that says.. Stay away from this or that.. Don't do this or that. I am simply saying be mindful.. small portions.. one trip to the food feast.. and eat slowly.. put your fork down between bites.. close your eyes and really taste whats in your mouth.. ( who cares what Aunt Fannie thinks if she sees you..sitting at the table with your eyes closed)... Be THANKFUL FOR YOURSELF..





Scale Junkie said...

Excellent post Honi. Wishing you a very happy Thanksgiving...your first as a Mrs!!!

Big Pissy said...

Great post!

Hope your Thanksgiving has been wonderful! :)

Twix said...

Excellent post!

I hope you had a very Happy Thanksgiving!! :D

Lora said...

Having a greatful attitude is the best tonic for everything! Your list of things to be thankful for was great!

How does it feel to be a Mrs. now? Great, huh?!