Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Yep.. so Steve is out of town until today... and darn if old man tornado did not decide to blow right on over to my area last night.. The sirens went off around midnight and did not stop until after 5 this morning.. on and off on and off.. Rather than run up and down the steps all night.. Cookie , Baz and me grabbed some pillows and a bathrobe, a radio a portable tv, water, and a flashlight. and went down stairs to the unfinished area where a sofa us.. Steve has an office downstairs too in the half finished basement/ garage.. Baz got in the chair, Cookie got on the sofa with me.. we turned on the tv for a while and then switched on the radio.. and damn if the Alarms where not going off on the radio.. it was loud.. but we kept the radio on and tried to rest as we listened to things being tossed in the wind... It rained furiously .. and the lightening was intense.. wind gusts were up as high as 75 mph at one point.. A tornado touched down about 10 miles away but we did not have any issues other than wind shears.. otherwise it was a noisy stay up all night not feel good today night.. YUCK!.. my eating has been terrible today .. but I am just trying to stay awake.. looking foward to the bed tonight.. HOWEVER, we are in for another night of storms.. ohh and this morning at 3 am it was 70 outside.. VERY SCARY.. normally its in the 30s.. this time of year.. or low 40s at the highest.. Now here is the icing or SNOW FALL on my cake... Tommorow , Thursday we are suppose to get snow showers YEP .. more storms tonight then tommorow it gets colder and the white stuff is suppose to fall.. no accumulations expected... Talk about a cornucopia (or however you spell that) of weather.. sheesh...
Otherwise.. just trying to survive the day and get back home..
Wish me well
Wish you well too..

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JC said...

Honi, Thanks for the weather report. It was bad at my house too but I haven't heard of any major damage near me.

I have a part-time JSU student for an administrative assistant. Honestly, sometimes I wonder how she gets in out of the rain. Last night she left her passenger side window down on her car. Yes, a soaked car this morning.

I'm wishing you well.