Monday, December 15, 2008

Holiday laughs

Just some stuff to smile at..
hope your holiday preperations are going well..
Am in the midst of reading a couple of books I will be sharing with your soon..
Until next time..


JC said...

Cute thanks for sharing. I know your brunch will be wonderful. Sorry, I've gotten behind in reading. I noticed the changes in your site and the post on those changes is great. I'm wishing you well.

Bethany said...

I needed the laugh!

Love the new name!

buddha_girl said...

I LOVE the bowl full of jelly one! One of my kids gave me a box of handmade chocolates from a local place. OMG. I will admit that I ate the one filled with some kind of jelly. I savored every bite. I swear it was manna from heaven.