Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Here it comes creeping around the corner at full speed.. it is called the HOLIDAYHUNGRYS ... and now they are not all that sinister.. they wave before your face in chocolatey goodness, or that once a year pie or cake or delicacy of your choice.. I have always believed with holidays and once a year treats that a little is fine.. but scarfing down the bowl just will not do... You can be a renagade and redesign your holiday happening by eliminating all the once a year treats and creating newer healthier treats for you and your family.. there are lots of choices out there via just a click of google and a request from you... Or you can say PFFT .. it does not really matter and eat yourself into oblivion for the holiday season .. then make that same old choice... JANUARY 1 err 2 the diet starts.. yeah.. its the same old voice.. the same old diet.. the same old.. thing..
I have had to work on developing a whole new realm of thinking for me .... I have had to learn over the last few months how to adapt to IBS and Fibromyalgia.. truthfully.. the last thing I want to do is meal plan or think.. or deal with eating right.. I am just now to the point I can eat veggies again.. for a while there I could only eat Carbs.. but now I can eat protein , veggies and even some fruit.. but I have to be careful with a lot of fiber.. so I am taking a step at a time.. developing a new program that works for me and then adjusting it so I can actually lose weight.. I now eat about 6 times a day .. small meals.. with the larger meal being during the mid day usually.. that seems to be the best situation for me.. I am suppose to drink drink drink a lot of water.. I am worst at that but getting better.. so I am as usual a work in progress... working on defending myself from the Holiday goodness of both Christmas and Chanukah treats... For me I have a warning signal.. if its fatty.. its not going to work for me.. I will suffer from indulging.. so its not worth it .. for those of us that do not have those warning signals... really think about it.. I know its the holidays.... but what if this time since you know what "that" tastes like you pass by it and opt for something a little more nutritious.. or just take a bite of "that" remember 4 bites is all you really need and all you really remember anyhow.. the first 2 bites ( small ) and the last 2 bites ( small) .. Defend yourself .. and continue on your healthy journey... mine is being revamped right now so I can do just that..
Be sure and get out and move .. walk, swim (indoors of course) ride a bike.. it all really helps..
Wishing you a healthy holiday season
Wish me well too..


Lora said...

You're so right - this is the time of year where we tend to toss in the towel and wait for Jan. 1st. I gotta' change my mindset!

Twix said...

Mmm, chocolates and peppermints - if only I don't fall into a mindless eating coma...hah. So tempting. Thanks for the reminder! :D

buddha_girl said...

I'm behind you on this, Honi! I know we can make it through the holidays without having them take over our lives.