Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Like the title sizes.. you are never told to try new things...
and you may never know if you like something unless you try it.. assuming you will not like something is closed minded.. but if you try it and its not life risking.. well.. you might find something you enjoy that you did not know you would enjoy until you tried it...
Example.. Motorcycling.. I had no idea I would love it until I tried it.. I was scared.. but it was fun.. I do have my limits though.. Heights are huge with me.. so I doubt you would find me parasailing..
I have my limits with food too.. but I do try different things... My husband made brussel sprouts the other night for dinner.. I had never had them and always assumed I would not like them.. but guess what I LOVE THEM>.. he used a little olive oil and garlic powder to saute them in.. and they were wonderful.. I like to try new fruits like pompagranite and star fruit.. .. new ways to cook things.. and I am always on the search for new recipes..
I have become more adventurous in my older age.. I love to explore new areas .. and walk around.. I love to go on trips via bike with Steve and see the world from a different perspective..
I am not saying break your limits. but do try different things.. including veggies and fruits.. and activities.. you just might be pleasantly surprised...
Wish you well
Wish me well too..

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new*me said...

great advice.........I haven't been disappointed lately as I have tried lots of new things! It's kind of a game!