Friday, December 12, 2008


Changing the face of things around here for 2009... I have retired Healthy Honi and changed the title of my blog to A TASTE OF HONI.. you will notice I changed the description too.. ( the addy is the same location.. )
Just trying to create a new environment for myself.. Of course I want to get healthy thats goal number 1.. but I am tired of things I have focused on in the past.. finding that.. if I do the same thing over and over I just end up with the same results.. which is nothing.. With A TASTE OF HONI.. I am going to post more healthy recipes.. more food photos as we cook and change our ways in the kitchen.. ideas and exercises that work and do not work.. new products.. and in general just sharing my thoughts as I continue this journey of a lifetime...
My Tag line for 2009 is ~ Leaving the Weight behind in 2009~
I have been doing a lot of self research over the last several weeks.. things I thought I really understood .. I truely do not... for example I have extreem portion distortion issues.. that is one factor I am working on.. I just ordered a book called Picture Perfect Weight loss by Dr. Howard Shapiro.. He does a lot of visual comparative analysis between foods... comparing photos of various items .. and showing for example.. a croissant is equivlant in calories to a full breakfast.. just various pictures so you get a visual idea of volumetrics and what food switches can do..
I also purchased another book about a well known movie critic who has lost over 75 pounds by really addressing her core issues.. I will let you know more about that once I recieve it.. as well as the the Picture perfect book.. I am still going to work with my nutritionist.. but I am also going to really work on myself.. I get so side tracked in life.. things turn my head and make me stop focusing on myself.. SO perhaps My tag line for 2009 should also read.. A LITTLE SELFISHNESS on my part is absolutely FINE..
Last night I was talking to my cousin Heidi and she said.. you know something Honi, I have the same problem you have... where your issues are food related... mine are men related... I have portion distortion as well... She tends to pick the guys who end up being unhealthy for her.. yet they sometimes are the most appealing.. like food.. for example... I am far more attracted too dark chocolate.. than a brussel sprout.. ( although as this week I now have a fondness for brussel sprouts) I could certainly appreciate what she was saying... we had a good laugh over that.. She asked me about having less invasive surgery like a lap band or other weight loss surgeries... I told her.. I need to go this journey.. I need to do this the right way for me.. and that is learning how to deal with food... stop trying to medicate myself with food.. and stop trying to use it to comfort me.. things I have done for now 45 years.. how does one change 45 year old habits.. ??? I am hoping with a sense of good humor, a sense of diligence, and accomplishment and effort that I can achieve this finally in 2009.. I am doing a lot of private leg work right now.. and trying to scope out my best options..
Did you read the latest from OPRAH... Happens to the best of dear Oprah.. this is forever.. and forever is a mighty long time when stress happens and mashed potatos beckon.. and all those down home comfort foods call...and we suffer from portion distortion.. but I do wonder.. how someone like her, who has the best of everything at her fingertips.. has a food issue.. I mean she can have a personal chef, a personal trainer.. a personal shopper, a personal person for her personal person, a personal person who chews her food for her.. she could have it all and yet.. she like me.. like you still struggles.. with food.. just goes to show you its not all about the money you have to help you make those lifestyle changes... its far deeper than money.. its about willingness to change and not go back to what was.. as the saying goes and I said it earlier in my post.. IF YOU DO WHAT YOU ALWAYS HAVE DONE THEN YOU GET WHAT YOU ALWAYS HAVE GOT. Its about being okay with not being perfect.. and finding a place where you can live in peace.. I am never going to be 95 pounds.. EVER.. BUt if I could just be 132 and stay with in 5 pounds of that.. I would be so proud of myself.. thats the magic number for me.. and I wish I could tell you why.. it just is~~~ I felt so good there.. I want to feel that good again.. I was far from thin, but I looked good.. and felt good.. and was proud of myself.. I get tired of feeling ashamed of myself.. I get sad when I see that look in my husband's eyes .. its not a mean look.. it is more like I am worried about you.. and I want you just to be healthy.. and feel better.. and I know you can do this.. and in that look I see dissapointment too.. lets face it.. he loves me for me.. but I know he would love me smaller.. because to him that would mean I was healthier. and frankly in all reality he is right.. and if I am healthier.. we can do more things.. take more trips.. and feel good together.. I also think that if he sees me getting healthy.. not some marathon crazy healthy but regular normal healthy.. then perhaps he too will eat less meat, lay off the donut samples.. say bye bye to the ham sandwiches.. etc.. thats what I think..
I have not.. and for those of us , actually.. lets just say .. we that have not reached our goal yet WE MUST FIND A WAY... whatever works.. for us in the healthiest most optimal way.. I know its out there..
A long term solution .. no quick fixes...
Here is one of my favorite websites with great recipes too...
Have a super weekend!
Wish me well
Wish you well too..



new*me said...

how exciting!! Looking forward to the new Honi!

Lyn said...

I like the new title! I always enjoy recipes and photos too. I hope we both meet our goals in 2009.

And thank you for being a friend and supporting me through a tough year. I so appreciate it! {{{hugs}}}

buddha_girl said...

I love the new title and excellent attitude.

I think anyone who thinks the food hell can be kicked for good is destined to be running in the proverbial hamster food wheel forever.

I work with my food demons every day. I never kick their asses because I know I'm not as strong at they are - however, I am MUCH more savvy and know I can outfox their wiley ways!

You are wonderful. We're on the same road together, sister!

Big Pissy said...

OMG! that McDonald's cartoon is too funny!

Love your new title! :)