Friday, December 5, 2008


WHAT a silly title.. is it really viable to eat healthy for the holidays.. We know the answer to this age old question.. OF COURSE NOT!! kidding... of COURSE IT is VERY VIABLE.. and easy too..

Think about it... I am not telling you to say NO! to everything.. I am just saying.. be aware.. think before you eat.... by perusing the internet you can find some great ideas.. they are all common sense things.. but here is a reminder..
There are things you can do.. as a hostess of holiday parties that your guests will not even realize that will ultimately benefit them as well. As a guest of holiday parties you can apply some of these ideas as well..
For example:
1~By planning ahead, you can put in a few extra minutes per walk and eat healthy meals on before and after a party. Don't go to a party starving! You'll grab the first goody you see without thinking about it. If you're the party host, you can choose serve lighter fare and use smaller plates to help control portion sizes.
2~Mind eggnog and spiked cider !! Drinkable calories still count as calories! If you're going to imbibe, be aware of what's in it. Low-cal options include diet soda (with or without a mixer), white wine, or seltzer water with a splash of lemon or lime. Watch out for high-cal counterparts: egg nog, beer, and sugary drinks like punch.
3~ Pick healthier options from the menu and spend your extra calories carefully. If Auntie Martha's homemade truffle cake makes you weep with joy, don't fill your plate with Uncle Bert's so-so Bean Dip. You'll enjoy what you really like instead of what you don't care much for.
4~Incognito calories - Watch out for healthy foods swimming high-fat sauces, dips and cheeses. Good-for-you celery turns into a caloric nightmare when covered in creamy dip.
5~Your overall health is determined by your long-term choices throughout the year. The menorah's packed away and the Christmas tree has become fertilizer, but you don't want to be left with five or ten pounds of holiday memory around your middle.
REMEMBER Less can go a long way if you want it too..
The holidays do not have to be a lose lose situation.. Mindfulness goes a long way too.. and combined with culinary goodness it can be a healthy holiday season as well as a tasty one too..
Wishing you a great weekend~


Lora said...

Great post Homi - lots of good tips that are wise and do-able!

~Laura said...

Good ideas! It is all about our mind set and thinking about what we are actually putting in out mouth!

Hope the fibro has been kind to you lately...

Ann(ie) said...

These are great. The drinkables usually do me in!! this year I was mixing eggnog with sprite. =/ lawd. 3,000 calories later.