Friday, December 19, 2008


I am so thankful to be among the living today.... Wednesday night I took an Ambian CR.. apparently I was given the stronger dose.. and apparently my body did not like that very much.. for yesterday was hell day for me.. I was sick all day and it was awful... Friday.. today .. I am a world better.. No drugs for now.. I am staying drug free.. going to let my body set its own time clock .. and hopefully reset to sleep.. I did okay last night woke up a lot but eventually went back to sleep..
This weekend we are having our Chanukah party on Sunday, and Saturday night we are going over to friends to celebrate Christmas.. its a Christmas Chili party.. should be fine minus heartburn of course.. lol.. I am looking forward to both events..
Wishing you all a great weekend!
Until next time ...

My friend who in September was diagnosed with esphageal cancer.. is Cancer free for now.. he had a percentage of his esphagus removed.. he has lost 86 pounds, and is now also free of insulin dependant diabetes... He feels as if he has been given a second chance and is going to take advantage of that. Six small meals a day he said.. he told me to get healthy.. now before I have a whoping health scare.. Get healthy Honi.. now..get healthy friends now..

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Twix said...

That's great news about your friend!

I have never been to a Chanukah party. I've never studied what it was all about either. ;-) But I do hope you have a great weekend and a fantastic party!