Monday, September 22, 2008


I know there are days when we think.. boy that chocolate milkshake sure would solve my problems.. or boy those oreo coookies or cheetos or french fries would color my world with happiness about now.. though I might know deep down that these foods will not solve issues or bring me happiness still a quick fix seems better than nothing.. but is this something we really need? we do not stop and ask ourselves because we know our true selves would say absolutely not.. pacifying pain with food never works .. coating stress with chocolate only adds more stress in the long run..
Over time your body will start sending you singles.. hey friend, ya know I really can not eat all this garbage with out consequence.. that pounding in your chest is a reminder that your heart can only handle so much.. ohh and the deep pain in your bones and joints.. well.. what do expect .. we can only handle so much weight and when you stretch that limit repeatedly eventually we are going to fail you.. eventually .. we will start giving out.. your joints won't be able to support the weight .. your bones same thing.. and your heart.. pounding and pumping each day will cough and sputter because it is over taxed and under taken care of.. listen to me .. your body.. please feed me in a healthy way.. please exercise me.. often.. exercise does not equal abuse friend.. exercise equals.. stronger bones, tighter muscles, a healthier overall body and outlook.. Listen.. for what we really need.. Pacification does not work.. facing issues.. working through them a step at a time.. restructuring your life can save us..
What we need is honesty.. faith and hope..
What we need is exercise..
What we need is peace of mind
Not a piece of cake.
Wish me well
Wish you well too.


JC said...

Great post Honi. I am wishing you well.

~Laura said...

Good post Honi! Just on the day I fell to the temptation of bad eating when I was stressed...

new*me said...

I am questioning everything I put in these days. I don't want to feed my temple crap, so I take a minute to reflect on what it really needs, and I am okay. If "I" need comfort, I call a friend or snuggle a little one :)

Ann(ie) said...

This is gooooood. Gets me thinking!!!! xo.

JM said...

Here's to wishing us all well.