Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A Lot of JOY and a Little Laughter

Just got off the phone with my doctor.. all tests and labs proved with in normal bounderies. My heart is normal and not enlarged.. all labs were healthy and normal.. CT normal showed two incidental finds.. one being a small nodule on one of my adrenal glands They are almost always (95-99.9%) benign. So in 6 or so months he will order another CT to make sure it has stayed the same. I have to have another round of lab work done in 2 weeks to verify that the nodule is not producing excess hormones.. Othewise It is all good... Now we are addressing my chronic pain.. since I am off advil now he has put me on extra strength Tylenol 3 times a day.. 2 caplets to see if that relieves some of this pain .. I still am taking the prilosec and it seems to be helping with the burning.. long story short he feels most of my pain and discomfort is all stress related.. So for Honi.. its time to spin the wheels. Start the Healthy weight for everyBody next Monday and get moving and living... My heart is good YAY.. Mom did you hear that my HEART is HEALTHY!!!...
I had just about convinced myself I was going to have cancer or something.. or that my heart was messed up.. I was so scared.. and yes scared enough to be really motivated for next week.. Please do not wait until you are scared.. CHANGE YOUR ATTITUDE and start no matter what .. no matter how small. START now.. be it a 10 minute walk, not binging on cheetos.. leaving 10 french fries from lunch.. whatever.. let go.. skip it.. Change your Attitude start changing your life.. we do not get lots of chances.. contrary to popular belief.. act now.. before your body says.. enough.. For now my issues are stress related.. my summer SUCKED TO HELL and BACK.. but.. the key word there is BACK.. I am back!
and now for some really goofy funny stuff!
YEARBOOKYOURSELF.COM need a laugh this is hysterical.. take a look at my photos

Circa 1970's


new*me said...

so glad to hear you are BACK!! Great news ;) Love the photos! I love the title of your post :)

Laura said...

Honi, That is the best news! I am so happy for you. You are so right about not waiting until you are scared into getting healthy. My eyes were opened through the two heart attacks my dad had.