Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Found some interesting questions on FINALLY GETTING FIT

How have your friends, family and fellow weight loss/fitness bloggers helped you?
My family has been great and my husband is outstanding and a great support.. he only wants me to be happy and the very best of health for me.. I guess because the bonus is.. its good for him as well.. Friends are great too and very encouraging as are my wonderful stick with me blog buddies.. thanks to each of you always..

Here are some previous questions posted at this site as well

1- When and why did you get started on the journey to lose weight/get fit/tone up/the whole nine yards? I was born a chunky monkey and my first diet was when I was 10.. that was probably a bad mistake and should have never been done.. to a 10 year old.. it has led to a life time of chronic dieting ...

2 What are you doing to get fit? Diet plan? Exercise plan? Little steps here and there? How does your plan(s) work for your personality? (Eg. Calorie counting works for me because I like numbers. I like time alone to think, so taking long walks works great for me as exercise.) On Sept. 22 I will be starting the Mayo Clinic healthy weight for EveryBody program for the second time I lost nearly 25 pounds the last time did the program plus another 5 on my own..
3 What are your other reasons for getting/staying fit? Who are you getting/staying fit for other than you? I keep hearing my mothers voice shortly before she died on July 15th 2008... TAKE CARE OF YOUR HEART.. 'nuff said..
4 In your fitness journey, what has been the hardest thing to give up? (For the most part or completely.) Limitless and uncontrolled eating is hard to give up.. but when I have control I feel so much better.. it is the same thing with exercising.. i feel so much better when I am in the pool.. question is why don't i make time to do it more...
5 What are your weigh-in habits? How often do you weigh in? Do you use a digital scale or other? Do you take measurements when you weigh in as well? Do you keep track of your weigh-ins ways besides on your blog? Starting Sept 22 I will be weighing once a week on a Monday evening at St. Vincents 119 Health and Wellness @ my class.. we weigh privately before class which I like.. I will be logging my food as I did before on it is located in my sidebar here on my blog.. You can also use a mobile version of it as well. so no excuses not to log your food or have an idea of what you are eating...

If you use these questions in your blog let me know.. would love to see your answers too..
wish me well
wish you well too


JC said...

Hey Honi, Been to busy to visit for a while. This is a great post.

Twix said...

((((hugs)))) that should be in italics!!

I'll answer those questions over at my place, prolly on friday or over the weekend. Thanks for the link, something to check out before cashing out. ;-)

Let's have a rockin' great friday!! :D

Scale Junkie said...

Hi Honi, Those are very interesting questions. You know I don't know anything about the Mayo Clinic diet but I do wish you much success on it and I'm looking forward to cheering you on!

Lyn said...

Hi there Honi. I enjoyed your answers, very insightful into your life. Me, I am still sick, I am not answering anything for awhile. But still wanted to pop in and say hi :)