Tuesday, September 9, 2008


So my tummy has been woozy lately.. actually more like a burning building.. entering digestive system.. the exit digestive system is fine.. (I thought you might want to know :-) ) I am taking prilosec 2 times a day now... I had a chest Xray Friday and still have not heard anything.. and I am having a barium swallow , upper GI Thursday to see whats going on.. The doctor wants to rule out an ulcer.. I find if I eat through out the day I feel better.. I have to keep it pretty bland.. although these days there really is no ulcer diet .. it is about what you can tolerate.. I spoke to my nutritionist and she told me that.. She gave me foods to watch out for.. I am still planning on starting my class Healthy Weight for EveryBody on the 22nd. I am also finding.. (yes this is kinda yucky ) that eating some baby foods really help.. the bananas.. and the little puffs are tolerable in banna flavor.. thats the only one that appealed to me .. I also bought the little fruits too.. dry cereal like Cheerios.. is okay too.. but my most favorite thing right now is Activa fat free yogurt.. it goes down so cooling and smooth and that feel great.. hopefully we will find out what is going on soon and it will be fixed.. its uncomfortable to say the least.. The doctor also does not like the fact that I can fall asleep with the help of this but I do not stay asleep.. so he thinks its a combination of several things.. my chronic pain is inching up and the not sleeping great does not help.. and now this burning crap.. I am the great internalizer.. so thats part of my problem too.. so bottom line we have to see what the results of the upper GI show so we can get this taken care of..
Otherwise its the same old same old here.
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Wake up, breath, work, live, eat, sleep , shower and start all over again..
Wish me well
Wish you well too.


new*me said...

How awful!! Sending you well wishes :) We eat Activia in this house all the time...everyone loves it ;) It wasn't too long ago that I was buying the baby puffs for my babies and I remember my son, then 6, loved them too! Stay well......hope you can get this under control soon.

Where in AL do you live? I lived in Anniston until last Dec when we moved back to KS. We lived there 3 1/2 years. My hubby's family lives there.

MargieAnne said...

Sorry to hear you having problems. Hopefully you will know soon and be sorted.

Understand internalising.... emotional & mental pain in the gut ....

Blessings. You do an awesome job with your blog ... lots of info from your research and lively posts. Life wouldn't be the same without your posts to read. Thank-you.

Scale Junkie said...

I'm sending you Big Big Hugs!!