Friday, January 26, 2007


YAY it is Friday!... looking forward to a nice cold weekend in the south... the Pyramid Plan seems to work well for me 1200 calories is do able and a bit hard. I was so amazed when I finally learned what my intake was over 2000 calories a day...... it is strange in a way because logically .. we know what we are doing to ourselves.... we know when we over eat.. I know what I over eat.. I know what has gone in my mouth.. perhaps I do not know why at the time.. but I know I have chosen to eat it for whatever reason, what did I eat.. ohhhhhhhhhhh gosh... junk food.. or stopping at Panera was a favorite trip of mine.. by myself of course.. a choc chip hazel nut bagel and hazel nut cream cheese, and a cheese danish were my favorite fare. Lunch time.. if it was bad I liked it.. if it gave me reflux .. I liked it even more.. ( i really dont like reflux but the time before the reflux when I was eating the food.. that was good.) do I remember what I ate???.. sometimes.. did I eat fast??/ most of the time.. did I enjoy it? hmm sometimes.. The last big meal I had.. was at a great Italian restaurant with my S man and my mom.. I had eggplant parmesean , 2 delightful rolls and shared a tiramisu.. Now that meal I so enjoyed.. I ate slowly.. I closed my eyes when I ate the eggplant.. so I could really concentrate on what I was eating... the tirmasu was delightful too.. and the rolls were hot and delicous... it was a great LAST MEAL... well I do that again.. You betcha.. for a special occasion like my birthday in November.. I am hoping by November to have off atleast half if not more of my weight.. Will i indulge like that??? nope... I will place half of the eggplant in a to go box for lunch the next day... and I will try and only have one of the rolls and only a couple bites of that dessert... LOL>. You see at heart I am a foodie... and I am not ashamed to say that. I love to cook and bake.. ( NO BAKING UNTIL NEXT HOLIDAY SEASON THOUGH) ( I LET EVERYONE KNOW THAT) .. I love a delicous meal.. I love to plan a meal.. I love to discuss a new food.. and I love knowing that I can live a life with out junk food.. thats the bottom line.. I mean already in less than a week I feel so much better.. I dare say energetic.. I can actually tell when my blood sugar is dropping too and that if I have a little fruit .. everything is fine... that feels really good... and... no reflux for 4 days.. thats excellent.... so even in this minute amount of time.. I can feel things changing.. My goals for the upcoming week are to keep on course, and develop a good menu for the week as well as find an online meal tracker and fitness journal I actually like .. have not found one yet... any input would be awesome..
Until next time...
Wish me well.. Wish you well.

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