Friday, November 21, 2008


Are you a coupon clipper? sometimes we are and sometimes we are not..
I met an interesting lady the other day who is an avid .. coupon clipper.. she and her friends are serious clippers and she says her friends are even more serious than she.. She knows a lady that regularly gets 100.00 worth of groceries for 25.00 . She said her friends and she have switched to using store brand canned veggies and frozen veggies unless there are good coupons for name brands.. and she is an avid shopper at Publix. She said that being a good coupon clipper is very time consuming but worth it too.. She even showed me her coupon carrier and her filing method... She has a average size family.. and she said she does well at the grocery considering the price hikes as of late...
Steve and I went to the new BASS PRO and OUTDOOR SHOP that opened Wednesday night here.. we went last night and boy its like a Disney world for hunters and sportsmen.. The drive up to the store once you turned into the driveway was beautifully lit at night.. I guess for the holidays... it was a narrow winding road.. through the woods.. there is a hiking trail and a little lake you can try boats out in.. IT even had an old fashioned General Store in it.. that served sandwhichs and icecream.. They had a huge shoe department upstairs, along with a electronic shooting gallery up there too.. TONS of hunting clothes and all types of Guns, fishing gear .. tents.. kyaks etc.. The place is HUGE!!! one of the biggest Bass Pro Shops .. Not being a hunter sort of person myself.. I still found it to be really neat.. and even bought Cookie and Baz some Doggies Rawhide Cow ears..they love those..
Speaking of Cookie she and I have a sleep issue now.. Seems when the weather gets cold.. Cookie has decided that she should sleep with us.. me specifically that I might freeze to death with out her to keep me warm.. She firmly believes it is her duty to snuggle between my legs and thus pinning me down in the bed where I can not move.. and will be perfectly warm with her being cozy too.. She only does this when the weather is cold.. Last year I started covering her with a blanket on her bed at the foot of our bed.. So tonight.. my little miss will get in her fluffy new doggie bed ( I bought her a new bed last month and she loves it) and tuck her in with a blanket.. and perhaps I will get the chance to sleep.. I know I know.. you are thinking why dont you kick the dog off the bed.. ? what a silly thought.. why on earth would I bannish Cookie from the bed.. and inhibit her protective nature of me? Yeah I know.. she is cold and she just wants to snuggle up and be warm.. and when Steve is out of town she knows she sleeps on the bed.. and when she was little she slept with us.. right between us but near the foot of the bed.. as she got older she would wiggle her way up the bed.. so her head would be between us and on a pillow.. lol she quickly learned that was not a good idea.. though it seemed so at the time.. I think once she has a blanket on she will be fine.. it worked last year so hopefully she will remember and it will work this year as well...
Well that about wraps it up for a Friday..
I do feel a lot better ... thanks for all your good wishes..
I see my nutritionist on Monday and am going to make a strong effort to start swimming religously at club.. Its good for and I feel better when I do it..
Wish me well
Wish you well too.
Have a great weekend!


Scale Junkie said...

I don't clip the coupons but I save them and then use the site couponmom dot com and look up deals and then dig through my old coupons and find the ones I need. I use these when CVS has their FREE items after extra bucks, you know its $11.99 and you get $11.99 in extra bucks but I have a $2 off coupon so I end up getting the item and 2 extra dollars. My kind of bargains!

Awwwwh Cookie is doing her duty to keep you warm!

new*me said...

I have just recently became a clipper! It's kind of fun now to see what we can save ;)

JC said...

I've gotta check out the new Pro Bass Shop. It is very impressive from I20 coming into Leeds. I'm wishing you well. Have a great weekend yourself.

buddha_girl said...

I am getting better at clipping coupons. I have found that it really saves me money if I'm THOUGHTFUL with the coupons, the sales, and what I plan to cook for meals. The time it takes seems worth it for now. Two years ago? I NEVER cut coupons. Ahhh what a difference a shitty economy makes.

Cookie? I think she and Ranger have compared notes. My big lug of a dog sleeps ON TOP OF ME. He pins me to the bed. I'm a wuss and won't kick his chocolate lab ass out.