Tuesday, November 11, 2008


So here is how it went.. I paid off my credit card bill in Sept.. In early Oct. I noticed a late charge.. called and argued with them about it... apparently they never gave me the correct closing amount to settle the card.. hence the other charge.. so I we come to an agreement on an amount I send that in in mid Oct. Sunday I randomly check the account and see another late charge while I am on the phone waiting to talk with someone about that STUPID CHARGE.. I notice pending charges for 182 dollars and some change.. now thats hard considering the asshat card is in my vault at the bank!!! SO I WONT USE THE FUCKING THING!!!!! .. So apparently someone got the card number.. sold it to someone in Texas and someone in YONKERS.. they used at the same time , same day ( SUNDAY) I happened to catch it... I AM IN ALABAMA.. so hence it was not me obviously.. I am not responsible for any charge.. and the wiped the wrong late charge off too.. and gave me a new account...
BE ALERT and pay attention to your reciepts and the creeps that might get their greasy hands on your number..
I caught it early... there is a lot of evil out there.. be careful what you do..
I am going to see the nutrionist tommorow night and we are going to work more on a IBS plan.. I am starting to eat more fiber and actually able to keep it more.. I still have to eat more carbs than I would like just because it stays with me...and I seem to be doing okay with certain protiens cooked certain ways.. i can eat soft boiled eggs fine.. scrambled eggs not so well.. I can eat white wheat toast but not wholewheat toast.. I can eat a small amount of my Kashi U cereal mixed with my Kashi Honey Sunshine cereal with skim milk..l but only a small amount.. Mashed potatos , cream of wheat.. are my good friends.. whole wheat pasta or even a whole wheat blend of pasta.. YIKES.. Broth soups fine.. Cream soups.. Nope.. a couple ounces of meat or chicken fine . more than that not so fine... Fish Fine.. veggies are a guessing game.. sometimes fine .. sometimes not so fine.. STRESS.. thats horrible for me.. not only do i get bad pain but my stomach goes bonkers... so thats where I am now.. You can well imagine my pain Sunday night when all this mess was discovered with the credit card..
but am better now..
Wish me well
Wish you well too!

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Critter said...

That's so scary about your credit card Honi! I am going to make sure I keep a closer eye on my accounts.