Saturday, November 15, 2008

JOE'S ITALIAN Pizza, Pasta and Cafe

Okay I promise ( but not really) that this will be the last installment (probably not) of that wonderful new Italian cafe I was telling you about..rather than go on and on .. I decided to post the menu... I really want to see these wonderful folks succeed.. so if you live in my area .. GO THERE NOW! if not.. come visit and GO THERE NOW!.. am I too demanding.. hmmm maybe... do you think?

Ohhh and we went shopping at this place called Rogers Trading Company.. they have all kinds of clothing, hiking apparel.. outdoor wear etc... we go there from time to time to look at shoes... so they had a pair of Salomon's...
on sale.. these shoes.. are normally priced 80.00 on up.. mine where marked down to 59.00 when I got to the cash register they were actually a lot less... 29.00 got 'em on now and they are heavenly to my feet.. I am not a high heel fluffy shoe wearer I like nice.. lifestyle shoes... you .. good looking and practical and sporty sort of... these fit the bill love them... Steve got a great pair .. dont remember the name but I do know it was a great mark down too.. I bought them for him for our Anniversary... yep.. can you believe those pictures above are nearly a year old.. in fact they will be a year old come Tuesday.. 1 whole year.. I will be doing a post regarding that year... either Monday or Tuesday...
Anyhow with out further ado..

Here is the menu for Joe's


Scale Junkie said...

YAY for good food and great bargains on comfy shoes.

I honestly can't believe you've been married a year, it seems like just a few months ago but it seems like just yesterday that you were planning your Israel trip too.

Twix said...

I have seen Salmons and they look great. Glad to hear they fit well too!

And thanks to you and your lovely blog reminding me that Italian food is out there, ha. Last night I went out to eat. Yay! At my favorite authentic Italian place. Mmmmm, tort and meat sauce and the bread and salad...divine. Just the right food pick me up that I needed! The whole outing spoke to me on many levels. I really needed it. Thank you!

Scary how fast time flies when you're not watching the clock, huh! I'm very happy for the both of you! Enjoy your Sunday! :D

buddha_girl said...

I'm back!

I wanna go to Joe's! Now, dammit!

I read some other posts - so damn glad that you caught that credit card debacle! Holy crow!

And Happy Early Anniversary! I CANNOT believe it's already been a year! Here's to many more!

Anonymous said...

I might have to try this place out Honi. I LOVE Italian food.