Thursday, November 13, 2008


Not an Epiphany at all.. I really enjoy food.. especially good food.. yeah . I am a foody and I am not going to be ashamed of that anymore.. especially when I do not waste calories on CRAP.. and really have a sit down good meal.... Last night I went to a wonderful new Italian cafe .. it was pretty far from where I live.. but I love spending time with my friends who I seldom see.. and with Steve being out of town until tommorow.. this was a great diverson.. of course I had starving pups at home when I got home.. who were mystified why Mommy did not run home to them and attend to their needs first.. (TOO FAR AWAY from where I was headed to go back home first) but they quickly forgave me when I feed them and scratched some bellies...
The company was great... but I have to say the food.. blew me away.. I was expecting typical southern style fried Italian crap that was going to make me sicker than sick.. much to my surprise... EVERYTHING IS HOUSE MADE.. EVERYTHING from the salad dressing to the desserts.. I had Eggplant Parm. Yeah I hear you yelling at me saying.. Honi how could you.. thats fried.. its horrible for you.. I beg to differ.. their eggplant parm.. is grilled .. and if you scrape off some of the cheese.. that helps too.. the sauce is homemade and rich in tomato chunks.. not runny but still loose enough to dip the warm bread in.. I tasted my friends manicotti .. I do not care for cream sauces.. . it had 3 sauces on it.. I am not sure of any but the pomadora .. which was good.. but here is the thing.. the pasta is in house made.. and you can tell.. the filling was there.. nothing was covered in sauces or cheeses .. each ingredient had its own distinct flavor.. really nice.. My other friend was suppose to have the lasagna but they ran out so she had spagetti and meatballs after she saw another tables order.. The meatballs were.. well.. MEAAATBALLS.. HUGE.. in house made.. fresh.. I did not try it.. but it was a beautiful traditional presentation..
We only had 2 issues for this new place that opened last night for its first run..
Our waitress bless her heart.. is Mexican. and could not describe any of the dishes well.. her description of the soup was... emm it has beans in it.. and noodles.. and.. emmm.. I am not sure.. lol.. it was kinda funny... and there was a BIG lapse of time from placing our order to recieving our 2 salads and 1 soup.. but the meal was well worth the wait... YES I was a pig.. I left a good bit of my pasta.. but I ate all the grilled eggplant parm.. it was HEAVENLY.. the servings were spot on.. NOT HUGE.. but not too small. I could have made two meals out of it especially with the side of spagetti but I did not.. as I said I left most of the spagetti.. I can tell why that eggplant parm is one of their specialties.. they ran out of the chicken parm too.. I guess they were not prepared that they would have a huge crowd like they did... they are well off the beaten path.. and not easy to find unless u know the area like my friends do.. but boy they were worth the adventure of getting there and waiting... How to eat healthy there you ask... ABSOLUTELY NO DESSERT.. okay okay have a bite or 2 of your friends... its all in house made.. sorry I am a sucker for in house or homemade food.. lol... Eat lots of salad.. its EXCELLENT.. full of colorful greens.. and very light dressing.l in fact they put it on .. a little too lightly.. share an entree.. or do the eggplant parm and scrape off a good bit of the cheese.. you wont be missing anything .. because its so yummy... drink your water .. and try and not have too much of the bread or skip it.. your meal is worth it if you wait... okay thats my review LOL..
Sigh... well its a typical work day.. hard .. and seemingly endless.. so I better get busy.
Wish me well
Wish you well too..
Critter.. YOU HAVE TO GO THE IS PLACE .. just be careful.. but Honey its AMAZING... email me and I will send you the directions and scan the menu so u can plan ahead...


Scale Junkie said...

You know I had a thin person tell me once that they way they stay thin is that they only indulge in things that are absolutely delicious. If it just tastes ok, she wouldn't bother.

I love grilled eggplant parm but I rarely make it because Ken doesn't care for it, I think I'll make a small dish of it next week.

Twix said...

"southern style fried Italian crap"
Now I had no idea Italian food was made this way. So when you said this I just died rolling!! Hmmm, maybe, perhaps I should head a bit south and see what this Italian fried crap is? haha Oh and thank you I now know what I want for dinner!! Mmmm, my mouth is watering! :D

Lyn said...

That does sound divine. Why would anyone waste their calories on fast food instead of REAL food! :)

Lora said...

Sounds like if you're going to splurge on something - might as well make it worth your while! The food sounds incredible!