Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Middle of the Week

Boy it has been a rocky road this last week, Steves brother went in the hospital but is doing better and is home now.. Steve went from a meeting in Panama City last Thursday to Ft Lauderdale on Friday .. to be with his brother all via motorcycle and originally just packed for a one day trip .. ( to Panama City from our home).. He got home last night no worse for wear thank God.. I am so glad that his brother is doing better Yay...
Got some really good recipes to share..
Spinach chicken skillet
Carribbean chicken
Banana bread
Well keeping small today..
All is well..
Got a busy few weekends coming up.. Steve's youngest daughter Sara graduates from college next weekend, the following weekend, we have a party to go too. and the weekend after that our neice Hannah graduates from high School. May is pretty booked up.. So any vacation planning I am thinking of doing will have to be put off until June I guess.. (sigh)..
Until next time...


MargieAnne said...

Hi Honi.

Just a note to say hope all is well with Steve's brother and that this week goes well.


Herbalife Las Vegas said...

The recipes look great, I will try them out.

~Laura said...

Glad all is better with Steve's brother. My calendar looks like yours for the month on May. I have been having a Fibro flare up but hopefully it will be settling down soon....

Have a good weekend:)

Ann(ie) said...

Scary! So glad he's okay!!!