Thursday, April 9, 2009

Happy Passover and Happy Easter

What is it with some parents, ?? As I was leaving Walmart.. I hear this mother who was right behind me so it was an obvious hear... yell to her daughter.. HEY if you don't stop that, the Easter Bunny won't come for you!... I just shook my head... thinking how sad it was that we are so absorbed by the comercialization of holidays now .. we threaten our kids with no visits from the Easter Bunny.. I guess she does the same thing with Santa too.. and I guess a lot of parents think it helps keep their children in control.. All the kid was doing was heading for the candy.. yeah.. the stores know how to place it .. the most tempting delicacies at eye level for a 4 year old.. leaving parents to barter with holiday figures. Though I am not a parent.. I probably would opt for the very simple word.. no.. as in No! it is 730 in the morning and you may not have any candy right now.... simple .. direct.. and the truth.. oh well.. Candy.. Candy Candy Candy.. I think Easter is the worst holiday for Candy.. You can find Candy anything, candy carrots, candy blueberries, chocolate in every rabbit shape known to man.. you can find blue bunnys, pink bunnys, orange bunnys, lavender bunnys.. all claiming to a be some variation of Chocolate.. not mention chocolate easter eggs, and now edible straw that you put in the basket.. well.. where the heck is the edible basket.. I am sure .. there is one out there somewhere... So after the kids eat their candy grass, chocolate eggs, jelly beans.. and so forth.. I wonder if we ever stop and think.. uhmm how about a change up on this holiday.. how about if we decandify ( yes its a word I invented it) the holiday.. talk about the religious aspects a bit.. celebrate spring.. with some healthier choices.. ( You don' t have totally decandify it ... just mostly) Some spring fruits and veggies... talk about nature.. talk about how the bees are pollinating the flowers so the flowers on some plants can bear fruit for us to eat... talk about spring time and the beginning of new life.. Plant a garden for heavens sake.. teach the kids about growing their own veggies and fruits.. nothing complicated mind you... keep it simple .. but not only does your child not eat candy.. he gets to watch , nuture and grow.. something.. and eventually he gets to harvest his labors and enjoy the fruit or veggies it bears... sounds like a good idea to me... I know I know.. whats Easter with out Candy.. whats spring time with out Peeps... just a thought ...
On the eating front.. I have been worse than terrible.. I pretty much figured you know that.. because I have kept quiet about the weight.. I still have not gotten myself together enough to make the leap.. I am almost there .. I know.. I just keep feeling trapped.. For a while I kept telling myself once the house sold.. I would start fresh.. Once the estate was settled I would start fresh.. but For heavens sake HONI God alone knows how long that will take... so why am i such a big time waster... ? the answer.. either I am really lazy .. or I really do not care... or maybe I am just tired of starting with a blast and giving up fast... everything... really is a ribboned excuse .. I know I feel better when I eat better.. I know I feel stronger when I exercise.. I know my heart is in the right place.. but my desire goes back and forth.. I have been a victim of my own choosing and I know that.. I am not being hard on myself.. I am just being... welll... myself... so.. the truth is.. I have to be the one to decide.. if not right now.. When? when I do I get a get grip.. I hope soon... I will keep you posted.. in the mean time I will continue to share great recipes.. and good wishes and good health for us all.. we can do this.. I know that.. but it sure takes a lot more discipline than I have right now.. I am pooped.. and not just because of the puppy.. who by the way succeeded in seriously using the shock factor this morning... she woofed down her food.. and went into the dining room.. I hear her making the same sound Baz makes before he tosses his cookies.. so I lead her out the front door... and she promptly runs to the side of the house.. tosses her complete meal back up.. undigested .. and promptly reinhales it. and goes running off.. happy as can be.. My husband informed me that is simply one of the many joys of a lab puppy... or a lab period.. lol... oh well.. how did you like that pooped puppy seque... back to what I was saying..
Discipline .. I lack it right now.. I working to find it.. I promise..
Best to you all.. in the mean time here are a few recipes...


Twix said...

Ick & I was eating a grilled cheese at the time, lol!!! :D

Sometimes I secretly desire to throttle other parents! Like you I don't understand why they just can't say no and mean it. We get compliments a lot and I'm ok with that. Just that sometimes it gets a bit annoying because you're busy and you would like to keep going. But it does good at times to slow down and just meet with curious people. Once though someone I know got under my skin and I had to bite my tongue. She had the nerve to say that my kids were so good because they were born that way and that must be why we seem to have it so easy. Grrr. If she had any clue how hard good parenting is at times.

I like your ideas about the Easter holiday, agree wholeheartedly we need to not drown in sugar and chocolate.

And I'm not doing so well on the food front either, I suppose you could say I sort of went into semi-hiding. My question is what do you do when you are comfortable? Seriously comfortable. And everyone around you is saying something to the effect that you can't be comfortable at this size. My only reasoning for wanting to lose weight was to become more healthy and then I get discouraged because I hear it doesn't matter what size you're at, that you could be healthy at any size. sorry run on sentence over load...blushes I know it may sound silly but I'm not bothered where I am at weight wise. Perhaps I'm just confused or in denial?

Hope you have a good weekend and holiday! Happy Easter!

Lora said...

Happy Passover Honi!

As for the worst candy holiday? For me it's halloween. Those snickers bars get me everytime!

Lyn said...

Hi Honi :)

I agree on the candy and the parenting stuff. I have five kids and I never used the Easter bunny to make them behave! That's so lame. How about just, "You cannot have that." Period. No threats needed. Kid tantrums? Time out. No threats needed, again. And I did not have easy kids!

Happy Passover :)