Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Don't stop Believing (as the song goes)

Well Monday was a bust.. so I am so not going to mention a start date or anything remotely similiar... things are status quo for me.. a bit annoyed, a bit irritated , generally happy....
Got a recipe that wowed Steve this weekend...
Here is what I did..
Another me Creation:

Teriyaki Chicken (Honi style)
At first Steve did not like how I was doing things in the prep.. He likes his veggies chunky and bigger pieces I think they cook better and stretch out more when they are chopped not super small but Chopped.. ya know..( after eating dinner he agreed with me on the veggie chopping )
but when he ate dinner .. lets just say.. he would be eating it right now if we had some left..
Boneless Skinless breast.. we did 3 ( adjust to how much you want)
sweet onion
RED pepper ( don't cheap out and use green Use RED, ORANGE OR YELLOW me RED is best)
baby bella mushrooms
(and any veggie you want to add ~FRESH WORKS BEST)
First chop chicken up.. next time we are going to use smaller pieces of chicken instead of chunks.. marinate in Lachoy Teriyaki sauce for 30 minutes at least..
We used basmati rice , Start rice by directions on bag or box..
Chop veggies up.. ( we did not have water chestnuts but now for next time we do)
First stir fry chicken with a little canola oil until cooked through, set chicken aside, if rice is cooked by now set that aside too..
Rinse out stir fry pan
recoat with a little canola oil..
heat pan back up.. add veggies , add more Lachoys Teriyaki sauce ( I say lachoys because that is what we used) cook veggies , stiring every so often.. *add water chestnuts now* add chicken stir.. taste if it tastes well blended do not add anymore sauce if it does not .. add a little more sauce and continue stir frying veggies and chicken.. I like my veggies tender but CRUNCHY..
Place rice on plate add Chix Teriyaki.. and enjoy... WE had left overs we enjoyed for a couple days after... Steve is still talking about that meal..
I would do the exact same recipe as above.. but I would also do a recipe using an assortment of veggies... everything from Zuchini to spinach , to asparagus.. have fun with it..
Also I am going to make a Veggie pie tonight
with Zuchini (sliced and halved)
baby bella mushrooms (sliced)
celery (chopped tiny)
carrots (chopped tiny)
onion (chopped tiny)
red pepper (chopped chunky)
I will be using the Heart Healthy Bisquick
and a couple eggs and canola oil.. I think I use parmesean cheese for this recipe too.
Its a variation on Zuchini pie .. I figured why not veg it out.. ya know.. this way I will have a nice veggie dinner and lunch for Thurs and Friday too.
Well that wraps it up for today
Until next time..


Twix said...

mmmmmmmmm!!!! I love peppers!! And I like that you used the rainbow! :D

Herbalife Las Vegas said...

Peppers are great.

JC said...

Can I just come eat at your house? Sounds yummy but too much chopping.
Have a great weekend.

buddha_girl said...

I love that you made up your own little recipe and that Steve was digging it!

I'm with you on the peppers. I can't stomach green peppers. For real. I hate them.

Red is IT for me. When I'm making something for color, I usually throw in the orange and yellow because it looks cute. Way to go, woman!