Friday, February 27, 2009

THEY WILL EAT IT IF YOU SWAP IT bybe bye bad fats

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Hoping I have helped fill your world with some good recipes to help you along the way..
I am holding my own.. not losing as much as I would like.. but not GAINING any more YAY..
I will get there.. I know it.. had a pretty rough day today pain wise.. left elbow ring finger and middle finger I thought I was going to just cut my arm off it was pretty bad nerve pain..but its lightened up .. and I have not even taken anything for it.. I really think a lot of this is weather related .. the warmer I keep myself the better I feel.. but when its damp and warm.. well.. or damp and cold.. I have a difficult time.. this morning it was damp and cold and a little rainy.. Pain frustrates me.. I know there are things I need to do.. exercise for one.. I know it would help me.. but when I get off work.. I am tired.. simply TIRED.. and its not a regular tired.. its like a tired that says .. go home have dinner and go to bed.. shower if I can.. I have a hard time getting the laundry done in one evening now... so I just spread things out.. to make it easier.. We try and keep our weekends open so we can go play though lately we have been going over to moms and checking out things and packing stuff up... This weekend we are loading up and bringing a bunch of stuff home... We also are going to see Moms footstone that should be in by Sunday..
Pray that the house sells soon.. it will make it a bit easier I Think...
Otherwise all is well.. and Life is indeed good..
Until next time..


buddha_girl said...

I'm praying that your exhaustion and pain abates. My Mom leaves for Jeruselem and Bethlehem on Wednesday. She has your name and will offer it up when she arrives.

Ann(ie) said...

I'm loving that artichoke eggs benedict girlie! Thank you. Hang in there, love. xo.