Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Here are some neat things from this weeks Eating Well..


as of 1 minute ago.... 194.7
I am debating...
I like the lunches at Food Studio.. I really do.. but I dont think they like me so much .. as right after lunch I start not feeling well.. digestive issues.. IBS.. so... what do I do .. would I be better eating lower calorie lunches from my house.. like I told Steve last night his meals cost me between 350 and 450 calories.. I can have lunch for 300 calories.. and not be starving after dinner... which has been happening because by the time I get home.. I have around 150 to 300 calories to use.. and end up going over by 50 or so calories... just trying to work out the bumps in the program... What I want to do is make my meals 300 calories or so.. then have room for healthy snacks.. keeping the total calories between 1200 and 1300 calories.. though I was not thrilled with this at first.. eating frozen meals for lunch... Healthy choice just came out with a new line that is lower in sodium ( sodium was my concern on some of these meals) and I also think about the money too.. 45 a week.. prior to starting my program I was spending that much or more for lunch.. however.. now with making really good dinners again.. I see really great potential in left overs.. am I really that cheap??? or is that just being smart..
I dont know what to do.. I really like food studio.. but I can not afford ESPECIALLY NOW getting sick at work.. and thats happened every day this week so far.. I have 3 more paid for meals from him.. I am picking those up in an hour or so.. if I feel that I can not eat them I am giving them to my boss.. ( she never eats unless I remind her..or bring her lunch thats how busy we are now) otherwise I will pick up frozen dinners and do the left over thing next week and see how i fair weight wise.. .. yes I am a calorie counter. and I think.. counting calories for ME is the best way to lose weight.. 3 balanced meals.. a couple of snacks and exercise.. seems to be the best trick... I like basing this on the Eating well program they have so many great recipes.. and I love that comfort cookbook it actually has symbols on which ones are better for weight loss.. so while all the recipes are better for you in that cook book than other cook books... they label which ones are better to use when you are trying to lose weight.. I like that a lot.. plus all nutritionals are provided with every recipe.. I dont even look at recipes that do not provide that...
Well its time to start a Wednesday..
Have a great one..
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Lora said...

I think your eating plan is wise. In spite of all the different ways there are - I really have come to believe that it's the calories that count at the end of the day.

Sound like you're doing well!

new*me said...

if the meals are making you sick, ditch em