Tuesday, February 3, 2009


ACTUALLY cheat is not a word I use.. its a silly word.. and one that does not work in my world.. and besides I really did not cheat.. I peeked.. Yeah .. I was impatient and wanted to see if I lost anything and much to my happiness I went from 199 last wednesday morning to 195.2 I will do the official weigh day tomorrow.. I was planning on walking last night and planning for a lighter dinner but had left overs instead. Sunday night I made a hamburger cassarole.. using 90% lean hamburger meat , I browned about 1/2 a pound then let it drain on a paper towel on a plate.
I sauted sliced scallions ( the whites) added the meat back, added 2 cans of tomato sauce ( 8 oz each) simmered for a while until sauce thickened.. I used about a half a bag of yolkless egg noodles.. drained them .. I took 8 0z of light cottage cheese and used my hand mixer and pureed that mixed in 8 0z light sour cream.. added chopped green scallions ( the parts of the white that I had not used before) about a handful, mixed that together... then I layered the noodles , meat sauce, cottage cheese mixture until it was all used up.. ( I put in a 2 qt pammed pyrex) sprinkled some light shredded cheddar.. then baked until the cheese was melted.. about 30 or so minutes.. and the cassarole was set... It was pretty tasty..
Tonight we are having omelettes made with egg substitute, mushrooms, scallions and peppers.. and light white wheat toast.. and probably a WW bar for dessert ..
Ohh Amy's makes a great line of frozen oatmeal cereals.. ranging from 190 calories to about 220.. they are YUMMY.. I eat them on cold days when I do not have time to make my oatmeal..
Lunch is provided by Food STudio B .. today its black bean soup...
Yesterday it was Shrimp and salad.. with a yogurt dill dressing.. I dont do well with red onions and I had mentioned that.. but they were on top of the salad and easy to pick out.. the shrimp was tasty.. I hope I like the black bean soup.. I am not a huge black bean fan.. so this should be interesting.. its kinda nice getting lunch surprises and trying different things... I will give the guy a lot of feedback as to what works for me and what does not.. its weird not making my lunches and only bringing fruit with me.. for snacks for work.. Planning on walking right after work.. with temps so cold .. swimming is out for now.... ( even in the indoor pool.. I get too chilled and it makes the fibro flair up it seems when I get too chilled..)
Otherwise.. same old same old here.

Until NExt time..


new*me said...

great!!! Cheating is so times :)

Doc Manette said...

Congratulations Honi! I too, dislike the word "cheat" especially in reference to diet/exercise/peeking at the scale.

I tried looking at the Food Studio B website, but on dial-up .... too slow.

Hope you have a great rest of the week.

buddha_girl said...

I am so very proud of you! Cheat? Screw that word, sister! How about this? LIVE!

BTW - my Mom IS going to Jeruselum and Bethlehem - she didn't cancel the trip. I will send you her itinerary tonight or tomorrow.

Jim Purdy said...

Congratulations on that great weight loss!