Monday, March 10, 2008

KNOCK KNOCK? GUESS WHO IS COMING FOR A VISIT.. ( followed by evil laugh)

So here is how it played out.. we went one of the Flea markets we like.. As we walked in the building portion.. there were a lot of spot lights set up.. we started walking up and down the aisles.. much to my chagrin I started losing my peripheral vision in my left eye.. well this was a bit bizzare if I covered my right eye the left eye would focus fine.. but if I used both eyes together thats when the problem would occur.. then the swiggly lines started.. why I was being visited by MS. MIGRAINE loud and proud in the middle of Wilsonville, Al. at a Flea Market.. we left and stopped at a C store and picked up a small Coke and advil .. I do not like regular Coke at all.. but I had heard that this really helps with a migrane not only to reduce an upset stomach but it can aid in the actual pain because of the quick caffiene shot.. sooo I drank a small one.. sipped on it.. took the advil.. we got home and and I rested on the sofa for a while.. then we proceeded with the rest of the day .. I was not going to let that little bitch ruin my day .. I still feel washed out.. but hopefully before we leave on Saturday I will be back to plain old me.. the only thing I can figure that set this off was the spot lights at the Flea Market.. I was feeling fine until then. I think the stress I have been under too lately has played a role as well.. .. I still feel pretty pooped too.. oh well.. on a happier note ..
My report at the doctors was good.. everything was good.. got a blood panel done and will hear about that this week.. My doc still wants me to think about going on the optifast program.. just not sure I want to do that or not.. I like eating healthy and exercising and when I do those simple yet complicated (for whatever reason) 2 things I lose weight.. oh well.. hopefully after this trip .. I will be far more motivated than I have been lately.. I really think that will happen too.. It will be nice to be outside and among people and not sitting in my stuffy office... looking forward to this big time!!
Well all is well otherwise here..
Wish me well
Wish you well too

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